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Robyn Skieldas
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Basic Info

Full Name:  Robyn Skieldas
Aliases:  Robyn Ordo (Robyn Arkelion)
Race:  Human (Mandalorian / Corellian / Alderaanian by birth - orphan)
Age:  32
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Tatooine
Homeworlds:  Mandalore, Tatooine

Legal Status:  Corellian citizen (partial citizen), Coruscant resident, Tatooine citizen
Relationship Status:  Widow, Mother
Living Situation:  Coruscant
Occupation:  Former Bounty Hunter

Affiliation:  None
Rank:  Trainee
Former Affiliation:  OmegaPyre

Personal Skills:  Robyn is a competent martial artist, but not overly so; she is a moderately-skilled practitioner of Teras Kasi.  She is familiar with the basics of the various forms of lightsaber combat, but has more than a little skill with two of them.  As a bounty hunter, she has learned to speak a number of languages in addition to her native Mando'a, and to understand others; she can speak Basic, Bothan, Rodian and Shistavenan, and can understand, but not speak, Shyriiwook and Huttese.

Personality:  Robyn is cold-blooded and very stubborn in combat, or in hostile or aggressive negotiations, but when it comes to friends, such as they are, or cyare'se - loved ones, nothing is more important to her.  When it comes to insults and slights - whether real or simply perceived - about her loved ones, she lives by the saying, "Mando'ad draar digu," which translates to, "A Mandalorian never forgets."  From that point on, she typically regards the person who gave the insult, as a di'kut - an idiot, someone who bears watching.  Or an aru'e; an enemy or someone who needs to be taken care of.  Beyond that, she can be wild and uninhibited - she enjoys the little pleasures that life offers, and is completely unrestrained, straightforward, in most, if not all things.  Limit her choices or confine her to a less-than-free lifestyle, and she will hate you for it, for a long time.  A very long time.

Hobbies:  Currently training her daughter to be a beroya - a bounty hunter, as well as raising her as a Mando'ade.

Physical Stats
Avatar:  Unknown
Height:  5'6"
Weight:  136 lbs.
Hair Color:  Light red / auburn / reddish-blond
Eye Color:  Light brown
Other:  Seven piercings; four in left ear, three in right ear

Possessions:  Twin stun batons, twin cortosis-edged beskar short swords, a single GLX Firelance, a single KiSteer 1284, a single .48-caliber Enforcer pistol, twelve small tracking devices, sonic and plasma grenades and thermal detonators, eight each.  She also owns a suit of customized composite armor; which includes only a pair of forearm-mounted flamethrowers, and a repulsor pack attached to the back.


History:  Robyn is a desert-dweller, both by birth and choice.  She was adopted by a pair of Garhoon-born Mandalorians on the Outer Rim world of Tatooine.  She was not an only child, her parents told her in her early years - she had an older, much older sister, who, for most of her life, had been dar'manda by choice, a revelation which shook her when she was told at the age of seven, shook her to her core, as she had been raised thus far in the Mando way, reared to believe in the manda and the Resol'nare, the tenets of a Mando'ade's life.  When she came of age in her fifteenth year, she was given passage via a supply freighter to the home of clan Ordo, a desert world, much like Tatooine, except for the tropical equatorial region.  It was this world she called home for five years.  It was this world where she married and bore a child, at the age of twenty.  It was this world where she buried her husband, before moving on.

Briefly, she visited Mandalore, the homeworld, and, appalled to find it in a weak, ruined state, traveled on to Dxun, where she joined a Mandalorian splinter group known as the Reclaimers; she was one of the first to rally to their call, her daughter alongside her.  It was here she learned exactly who and what her older sister was, after finding clues on Mandalore.  After leaving Dxun with her daughter to return to the wider galaxy, she found a place she could call her own.  But now it is time to move on, to better things.

Name:  Belladonna Skieldas
Birthname:  Belladonna Ordo
Age:  12
Birthworld:  Ordo
Homeworld:  Ordo

Personal Skills:  Belladonna can speak Basic and Mando'a with equal fluency, but is only just starting to understand other languages, particularly Huttese and Rodian.  Her unarmed combat and swordplay skills are only those of a novice, but she is young yet.  She is also a novice tracker.

Personality:  Belladonna is a fiesty twelve year-old, and one who hold little fear of the consequences of speaking her mind.  While this would earn her many reprimands from non-Mandalorian parents, it instead earns her many displays of pleasure and affection from Robyn, as she was raised to believe in and follow the concepts of honor, truth through battle, and valor, all of which are held above most others in Mandalorian culture.

Physical Stats
Avatar:  n/a
Height:  4'5"
Weight:  96 lbs.
Hair Color:  Light red / auburn / reddish-blond
Eye Color:  Light brown
Other:  Three piercings; Two in left ear, one in right ear

Possessions:  n/a

History:  See Robyn's bio, above

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Robyn Skieldas
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