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Annika Christman
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General Information
Name: Annika Julie Christman
Nicknames: Annie, Angel (by all her siblings), Miss Perfect (by Mimi)
Birth planet: Tatooine
Faction/Loyalties: The Alliance, Factionless
Rank: Apprentice/Padawan
Profession: Handmaiden

Dancing, Mimic, Instant memorizing of things she hears (as her twin brother has Photographic memory), Languages (Galactic Basic, Huttese, Jawase), Diplomacy

Physical Appearance
Avatar: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Gender: Female
Age: Varies, fifteen
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Silver/Pale
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Shape: Slim
Skin Tone: Pale/Fair
Distinguishing Marks: Born blind, Annika's eyes have always tended to appear lighter, sometimes might even border near white.

Mother: Leigh Christman
Father: Michael Christman
Siblings: Kayla Chritman, Anakin Christman, Mimi Christman
Children: None yet.
Uncles: Antuan Bergen, Romulus Christman
Aunts: Kyra Tavrius, Zhanna Bergen

Adrianna Fiore (temporary)
Apprentices: N/A

Basic History
Age 0 – Born third to Leigh and Michael Christman, second to her twin brother Anakin.
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Annika Christman
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