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Saejra Maer'Cyn
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Basic Info

Full Name:  Saejra Maer'Cyn
Age:  25
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Antar 4
Homeworlds:  Antar 4, Dantooine, Ossus, Ryloth

Legal Status:  Antarian citizen, Dantooine resident, Ossus visitor, Ryloth citizen
Relationship Status:  Single
Living Situation:  Dantooine
Occupation:  Lightsaber Combat Instructor (Former)

Affiliations:  Alliance
Rank:  Padawan (Knight, but self-demoted), 2nd Lieutenant (Alliance Intelligence Corps)

Personal Skills:  Saejra is well-trained in a variety of lightsaber styles, with single- and double-bladed variants, as well as the ability to dual-wield. She can speak and understand Basic, the verbal form of Twi'leki, the language of Ryl, and she can understand, but not speak, Huttese and Rodian.  She is athletic, but not nearly as athletic as her mother's kin, although she has inherited her Shi'ido father's full ability to alter her physical appearance - but she lacks the skill at her young age to do more than change her skin or eye color, or to grow protective adornments such as thick hide, spikes, claws, and the like.  Aside from this, she can feel and use the Force.

Personality:  Saejra has a multifaceted personality, being the daughter of two racially very different parents. She is, at all times, somewhat sociable, and playful and mischievous - some have called her impish, and others, roguish. At the same time, though, she tends to try not to draw too much attention to herself. An interesting facet of her personality, is that she quite often displays her emotions through different skin colors, which can take some getting used to, if you're not expecting it.

Possessions:  A single-bladed yellow lightsaber and a single bladed violet lightsaber, clothing w/ cortosis fibers woven in - a gift from her mother's kin, who are nobles on Ryloth, a glowrod, and a suit of armor.

Force Abilities Known:
Neutral Apprentice -
Basic Telekinesis
Breath Control 
Enhance Ability
Force Persuasion 
Force Sense 
Magnify SensesTelepathy

Witch Apprentice Spells -
Mountain Sense
Weather Sense

Neutral Knight -
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Adhere
Force Scream
Witch Knight Spells -
Spell of Element Protection
Tide Sense
Warding Spell / Deflection

Physical Stats:
Height:  6'0"
Weight:  128 lbs.
Hair Color:  n/a
Eye Color:  Green
Skin Color:  Yellow w/ blue lips (normal / preferred appearance)
Other:  Sith tattoos, full-body

General Appearance:  Saejra is tall for a half-blood Twi'lek, but she exudes a resiliency that is at odds with her agile, graceful build.  She is in good physical shape, and her emerald green eyes glow with an eerie vitality.  Typically, she wears primarily leather clothing that is both comfortable and flexible, in the event that she has to draw on her shifting abilities.


Saejra was born on Antar 4, to a former Jedi-turned-scout, a female Twi'lek by the name of Kiliara Askarion, and an explorer, a male Shi'ido by the name of MaerCyn. She was raised by them both until she was five years of age, when both parents fell victim to a freak rancor stampede on the world of Dathomir. Being stranded on a frontier world such as Dathomir turned her from merely a young, unique child, into a dedicated survivor. Saejra was adopted into the Singing Mountain clan as a tribeswoman at the age of seven, when her presence was discovered. It wasn't until she was eleven was she discovered, publicly, at least, to be able to sense the Force, as well as being able to shapeshift to a small degree. She picked up the basic Force skills extremely quickly, as well as a few Dathomiri-taught abilities, but it was not long before she outstripped warriors three times her age in non-aided martial combat. She was fourteen when a half-human Jedi Knight discerned her presence on Dathomir, while flying through the system on a routine check on the Nightsister's activity.

Bidding goodbye to her clan-sisters, the young girl, who now styled herself "Saejra Maer'Cyn," to honor her father, left with her new Master in the ways of the Jedi; half-human, half-Miraluka, K'Lynn Vari understood what it was like to be different from those around her, and the two formed a lasting bond. As she already had discovered the Force, and the core skills, Saejra's master taught her about the Jedi Code, the morality of the Jedi, the various lightsaber techniques, and helped her to build her lightsabers. She also taught her more mundane skills; galactic Basic, as she only knew the verbal form of Twi'leki, as well as the language known as Ryl, before this point, advanced education that was more appropriate for her age and the more technologically advanced areas of the galaxy, and a few survival tricks she hadn't yet learned from her time on Dathomir. They had just gotten around to piloting and astro-navigation when K'Lynn was killed by a Trandoshan criminal in the far end of the Perlemian Trade Route - it was never learned exactly where, but Saejra was assigned to the Ossus Temple as a lightsaber combat instructor.

She was still filling that role seven years later, when she was transferred to the Dantooine enclave. Not long after arriving at her new home, though, she's started to develop an interest in her own culture, as well as meeting others of her family - others who recent discoveries have only hinted at, because her mother didn't tell her a thing about her own family.  Recently, she has survived capture and an odd form of attempted humiliation at the hands of one of the more prominent Sith - a man whose name she doesn't know, but did receive a full set of Sith tattoos from.  In the course of her escape, Saejra encountered a strangely attractive woman, another member of her mother's people.  She remembers the Lethan Twi'lek in almost crystal-clear clarity, as she took the time to memorize her appearance, and she has returned to Dantooine to deepen her training - to be more thorough in strengthening her skills as a Jedi.  Only time will tell if she succeeds, or fails.  Since her brief return to Dantooine, however, she has disappeared.

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Saejra Maer'Cyn
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