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Caellis Vaelkari
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Biography for (Caellis)

Full Name: Caellis Vaelkari
Known Aliases:
Occupation: Tracker
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Incaran

Place of Birth: Felucia
Place of Residence:

Incarans are reptilian humanoids, and bear the typical physical characteristics of male and female humanoid races. Caellis is on the larger side of the spectrum standing 5'1 and weighing a solid 135 pounds. Going down on all fours and including his tail he reaches a little over seven feet long. His body is covered with scales which are only vulnerable during his molting cycles, and he has two sets of eyelids, one which is completely transparent and protects from sand and other small debris, and the other set, as hard as his scales, normally, and protects against larger debris, as well as attempts to cripple his eyesight. His skin was so thick that it can withstand standard blaster shots with only minor burns to show for it. His sensitive eyes rely on dual eyelids to help them quickly adjust to changes in light. He has frills which he uses when competing for mates or putting on a threat/dominance display, and a tail which act as a natural balance when he runs. His scales are typically the color of his clan, but, since developing hyperdrives nearly a thousand years ago, which enabled his people to join the wider galaxy, they have discovered other colors, and have found that they can alter the color of their scales. Instead of wearing clothing, he wears bandoliers which carries his tools, weapons, and other equipment (he finds the idea of covering the body humorous).

Due to his talent as a tracker and hunter, Cael is very prideful and secure in his own strength. However, he keeps his arrogance in check, and humbles himself towards individuals he feels superior, such as his clan elders. He has little patience once on a mission, as his energies are focused on completing the assignment given to him.

Caellis has a sense of justice, in addition to respect and compassion for life, and he does not kill a being unless it is necessary. He is very brave, risking life and limb on numerous occasions for his fellows. Cael was especially well known for a sharp tongue and an occasional sarcastic interface. Despite his bravery, it should be noted that he demonstrates extreme caution and reluctance at times, and choses his friends carefully. He was slow to trust and often came off as remote and intense.

Incarans have higher than average reflexes and improved senses of smell and sight, which makes up for their lessened senses of hearing and touching. Their sensitive noses were capable of detecting changes in emotions among many other things making it hard to deceive an Incaran once he was familiar with the "scent" of a being. They can regenerate from injuries, but the more severe a wound, the longer it takes. They can alter the color of their scales for a variety of purposes, among which is camouflage, and they originally had no concept of fear, due primarily to a lack of experience in this area; they never had anything to fear on their home world; they were the predators on Incara Prime. Since then, though, they've discovered just what blaster technology can do in terms of damage, and fear, as a concept, has long-since been within their emotional capabilities, a fact which never ceases to sadden and humiliate them.

As a tracker Callis has been trained extensively in his craft using a mixture of Force abilities and natural talent. He also has some fighting skill preferring to use edged weapons but wearing little armor as he possesses his entire races aversion to clothing. 

Quarry Sense - Evolved over thousands of years of hunting, they had an innate sense of what direction their quarry had taken. Familiarity with the beast or individual heightened this skill, and it was a vital component in their hunting and tracking abilities.

Force Abilities:[/i]
Alter Elements I
~Fire (Creation and manipulation)
Basic Healing (Self)
Enhance Ability
~Force Jump
~Force Speed
Enhance Senses
Force Sense
~Force Empathy
Breath Control
Force Cry

Blastsword (Ultrachrome) Image
Sayormi Heartstriker x 2 (Ultrachrome) Image
Klirun Hunting Bow (20 Arrows) Image
Wrist Vac Image
Featherweight FWG-5 Flechette Pistol Image

Climbing Spikes
Survival Tool

Vaelkari – Black: The Vaelkari clan is comprised entirely of the Incaran Raptors, which are Force Sensitive Incarans. Force adepts, Incaran healers, and any Incaran Jedi or Sith usually claim this clan as their own.

Full History (Links to follow) :[/b]
BON VOYAGE: Woes of the Revenant Jewel
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Caellis Vaelkari
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