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Brooklyn Spencer
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Name: Brooklyn Hart Spencer
Age: 23Homeworld: BespinSpecies: HumanGender: FemaleFamily:
  • Miles Hart Spencer [Industrial tycoon; deceased]
  • Jaclyn Jane Temple [Politician; deceased]
  • Austin Grey Spencer [Heir to Spencer Enterprises, age 27]

Born into a privileged upbringing on Bespin, Brooklyn is the daughter of Jaclyn Jane Temple, a former political bigshot in the Klatooine system, and Miles Hart Spencer, Chairman and CEO of Spencer Enterprises. Spencer Enterprises began as a tabanna mining operation, using the lucrative business as a backing for Miles' real passion, which was the world of high-class gambling. Spencer Enterprises opened up several casinos, the favorite of which being the Star Spire on Cloud City, but with one each at the locales of Coruscant, Zeltros, and the Hologram Funworld. Miles and Jaclyn died recently in a fire at his Coruscant casino that destroyed the building and wreaked havoc on several city blocks. 
Brooklyn was born well after the commercial success of her father's business. While her brother, Austin, born four years earlier, was groomed to take over the family business, Brooklyn was shaped by her mother in her earlier years into the role of an Imperial civil servant. However, this didn't take Brooklyn's fancy, and when given the chance she instead chose to study computers at the Coruscant Technical Academy. After getting a preliminary degree, Brooklyn continued on for a graduate degree in encryption and computer security. 
Austin and Brooklyn were extremely close as children, sharing a room until Austin was fifteen and Brooklyn was eleven. Later, they would sneak out of the family apartment to wander Cloud City by night outside of the watchful eye of their parents and caretakers. After going away to the Academy, they stayed in contact through comm calls several times a day, and though Brooklyn tried not to notice, it became increasingly clear that she was relying upon her brother's friendship far too much and in her second term at school she began to strike out on her own to make new friends and forge new relationships. This didn't sit well with Austin, who was bewildered by Brooklyn's sudden unavailability. He became jealous and protective, using the Coruscant casino as an excuse to come for visits. 
She was in the last semester before graduation when her parents died, and was tasked with bringing Jaclyn and Miles' remains back to Bespin. It was later discovered that Spencer Enterprises is functionally bankrupt, and so Brooklyn and Austin inherited nothing more than debts and the name of Spencer Enterprises. 
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Brooklyn Spencer
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