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Fallon deWinter
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[ General Information ]
Name: Fallon deWinter
Birth name: Fallon Weaver
Gender: Female
Age: Varies; 19 - 29
Birth planet: Coruscant
Place of residence: Weaver House, Sah'c District (Coruscant); Apartment on Alderaan
Tracking thread and Force Powers:
Refer Here
Wikipedia Page: Refer here
Video Story: Part One: LoveGame
Faction: The Sith Empire, The Sith Remnant, The Sith Imperium, Factionless

[ Physical Appearance ]

Avatar: Jodelle Ferland | Jenna Dewan | Charisma Carpenter
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Weight: 118 lbs
Eye Color: Green, with a pinch of brown
Hair Color: Brown
Body Shape:
Skin Tone: Tanned
Distinguishing Marks: Occasional scars that wade away, mostly on her wrists, hips, neck and back.

[ Family ]
Fiancé: John Wright
Children: Cora Weaver (5, unknown to her)
Mother: Jezabel Weaver
Father: Jonathan deWinter
Step-father: Marcus Weaver
Sisters: Brumhilda deWinter, Arachne deWinter, Natalie deWinter, Sarisya deWinter, Paige deWinter
Brothers: Merlin deWinter, Jace deWinter, Amarant deWinter, Demetrius deWinter
Grandfathers: Maximilian Bergen, Jacob deWinter, Callah Weaver
Grandmothers: Desiree Bergen, Illyandra deWinter, Prime Weaver
Aunts: Shery deWinter, Jasmine Bergen (d.), Echo Cordinal, Symba Orman-Weaver, Isabelle Weaver,
Uncles: Lorcan Dessel, Orion Weaver, Archer Weaver, Bartolemus Cordinal
Cousins: Morgaine deWinter, Adam Dessel, Asteria deWinter, Nessarose deWinter, Cordelia deWinter, Prime Weaver, Artime Weaver, Thomas Cordinal Weaver, Callahan Weaver, Samantha Weaver, Miri Weaver

Masters: Lucian Drakul, Alita Velos, Rylan Kordel, Nessarose deWinter
Apprentice: Nessarose deWinter

[ Personality ]
Say what you want about who Fallon is, she was given a pretty good childhood which she bases as a reason she's turned out so well. Truth is, she hasn't. She was a cute child but who liked to do tricks on her parents and toy with people. But they were kids stuff and by the time she hit puberty, she didn't care about it anymore because she had a new interest – boys. And despite being nineteen now, she still hasn't let go of that interest. She loved being around boys, hanging around them, doing things that little children should not hear about and stuff like that. She's not the most normal person around but she's not crazy in any shape or form. She's quirky, yes, that would be a good way to describe her. And she doesn't really like normal people. She considers them dull for some reason.

It's only when it comes to her childhood friend that Fallon is fully unable to be herself. For years, she had a crush for him but never said anything, making him the only man she never even tried going after. Only after he returned, when they all thought he had died and he was left a widower did the relationship begin and Fallon began quickly seeing that the crush developed. He's the one point in her life right now that she considers her solid ground and he has the power to settle her down when she's at her worst.

Through her bond with her little cousin Nessarose, Fallon shows another side of her. She's protective of the girl and loves her deeply. She doesn't even get bothered by material things around the girl and is ready to kill to keep her safe.

[ History ]
Jezabel Bergen was born to a wealthy family on Coruscant without any special title and was betrothed to Marcus Weaver since the age of fourteen. But it wasn't until she was seventeen that she met Jonathan deWinter that there is any importance in her story. Her biggest secret that she shared at that point was that she liked things rough. Literally. In any situation. And Jonathan had a lurking reputation of taking women against their will and this excited her very much. So she slept with him. It was supposed to be her little secret for the rest of her life, a moment to enjoy her pleasure before she got married off. Except, four months later, she learned that she was pregnant, which meant she had to tell her parents. But couldn't actually come to them and tell them that their precious little daughter slept with a man out of her free will and all because he had a reputation that suited her. So she made up a story knowing full well it wouldn't be doubted – she told her parents that Jonathan had raped her, as well as her fiancé, Marcus.

Her parents, as any parents would wanted to find this young man and deal with him but Jezabel managed to convince them not to. So, a deal was made with Marcus that their wedding should be moved  to a week later despite their set date being a year from them. Jezabel and Marcus married and five months later came a healthy little girl whom they named Fallon Weaver.

Fallon was raised as the daughter of Marcus Weaver and knew nothing of her real father for the first fourteen years of her life. But as her teenage years raged on, Fallon discovered her lust for the opposite gender and took full advance of that, flirting and teasing quite often. But it wasn't until she came home one night, late that he mother lashed at her for the way she was behaving. The argument between the two women escalated to the point where Jezabel told her daughter that her behavior would lead her to the same road which it took her, to her having her. This was the point where Fallon learned her father wasn't her father and she was no Weaver. She demanded to know the name of her father and her mother gave her his name – Jonathan deWinter and handed her the same story she had given everyone all those years ago – she was raped by the man. Still, despite that, Fallon wanted to know. Even more when she started showing signs of being force sensitive which was picked up by her old tutor who had encountered Jedi's in his past. Still, Fallon wanted to know about her family, now especially since the Bergen's were never force sensitive, not even a little bit.

This was five years ago. Fallon is now nineteen years ago, she has changed her name to Fallon deWinter and was semi-accepted (as any rape product of Jonathan deWinter would be in the clan) and lives her life as a member of the family. She also pursues the path of the Siths since for some reason she was incredibly annoyed by the Jedi rules and way of life when she first learned about them.

Through the last years, she had undergone Sith training, formed relationships with her paternal family. At the age of nineteen, she began her first physical relationship as well as reached her Knighthood in Sith training. The bonds with her paternal family is an ever-growing experience.
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Fallon deWinter
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