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Xaedrin Vondiranach
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General Information

   Name:        Xaedrin Vondiranach   Alias:       Xaedrin Kix   Age:         22 (Primary Timeline Age)   Species:      Human   Gender:      Male   Birthworld:   Corellia   Legal Status:   Dual-Citizenship (Corellia and Coruscant)   Avatar:      James Marsden
   Affiliation:   Sith Remnant   Rank / Title:   Shadow Hand   Force Rank:   Master   Alignment:   Chaotic Neutral
Family History
   Mother:      Vieren Kix   Father:      Zerxes Vondiranach   Stepfather:[/i]   Drikken Gorek
Personal History
Born on Corellia, Xaedrin's mother, Vieren, was little more than a prostitute.  The official difference between Xaedrin's mother and most prostitutes was that she answered to no one, and instead used her body as a means of leaching off the wealthy on various intra-galactic cruise vessels.  Being a junkie, it was to be expected that she would not leave her lifestyle for anything - not even a son.  The first seven years of Xaedrin's life consisted of travelling the stars, waiting in his cabin alone as his mother was out doing what she had to to survive.  This was Xaedrin's life until his stepfather came along.  A cruel man, his stepfather kept his mother in check by supplying her with all the illicit substances she desired - it was by her consistently strung-out demeanor that she failed to notice the abuse laid on her only son.
Xaedrin absorbed many beatings from the man, beatings for mistakes - either perceived or real - as well as beatings simply for fun.  Through all of these beatings, Xaedrin had found no defense, simply enduring them and believing that this was the way of the galaxy.  When he was fifteen, Xaedrin learned the truth of his parentage from his mother - that his father, a man named Zerxes Vondiranach, was a Sith whom she had met in her travels.  Finally seeing some sense of hope and purpose, Xaedrin immediately began to go by his father's name - Vondiranach.  Displeased by the situation, Xaedrin's stepfather enacted the most savage beating Xaedrin had ever endured.  Suffering from multiple broken bones, lacerations internal and external, Xaedrin decided that it was time for him to make his escape.  Stealing a small skiff from his stepfather, Xaedrin made his way to Coruscant where he joined the ranks of the Sith.
Training there for a time, Xaedrin proved himself to be powerful in the Force, eventually granting him the attention of Lord Illuminus, the future Emperor of the Sith Remnant.  At the age of seventeen, Xaedrin became the apprentice of Illuminus, continuing under the Emperor until his disappearance.  Once the Emperor was no longer available, Xaedrin began training with a cruel Sith Master known as Darth Saevio. Xaedrin grew under the old man's punishment, learning to allow his anger to fill him and empower him, rather than control him.  
At the age of ninteen, Xaedrin received his promotion to Knighthood within the Sith Order at the hands of Rylan Kordel - also known as Darth Xaxas - and continued his training under Saevio.  During this time, he met a slave girl named Kari Pujas.  The two of them began a passionate, yet short-lived, relationship which resulted in the birth of a daughter named Anathema.  Upon learning of his lover's pregnancy, Xaedrin attempted to convince her to flee the Imperium with him and raise their family.  The slave girl refused, and her anger burned against him, causing their relationship to fall apart.  After this time, Xaedrin began a downward spiral of anger culminating in his decision to challenge the Dark Lord of the Sith (Xander Starkiller) to a saber duel on the steps of the Imperial Palace.  In this battle, Xaedrin was well overmatched, but held his own quite well.  Although eventually being defeated, Starkiller spared the life of Xaedrin and made him a Shadow Hand, before promoting him to the rank of Master.

Xaedrin is a cautious, contemplative man most of the time.  When he acts, however, he acts with utter disregard for safety, reputation, or morality.  He is an angry young man, filled with visions of power.  He has little interest in supporting the weak unless it builds into his own plans.  Cold and calculating, Xaedrin's thirst for power drives him to exceed expectations in every situation, sometimes getting him into trouble.  The personal issues surrounding his past tend to disturb his focus, somewhat, causing him occasionally to fail in areas of basic control over the Force.

   -  Single-bladed lightsaber, reddish-orange hue, durasteel blade in the reverse end of the hilt.
Force Abilities*Links contain training threads where abilities were first learned
   -  Apprentice Rank Abilities:      -   Neutral Powers:         -   Telepathy         -   Basic Healing (Self)         -   Force Sense         -   Enhance Senses         -   Farsight         -   Basic Telekinesis         -   Alter Elements I (Fire)
         -   Enhance Ability
         -   Force Choke         -   Force Jump
      -   Darkside Powers:         -   Force Rage         -   Kinetite
   -  Knight Rank Abilities:      -   Neutral Powers:         -   Alter Elements II - Fire          -   Enhanced Force Sense         -   Enhanced Telekineses         -   Force Grip         -   Force Spark
      -   Darkside Powers:         -   Force Drain
   -  Master Rank Abilities:
      -   Neutral Powers:
         -   N/A

      -   Darkside Powers:
         -[/i]   Force Lightning
         -   Force Stealth

Lightsaber Skills
   -  Single-Bladed Combat Styles      -   Form V:  Djem So:        Advanced      -   Form VII:  Juyo:        Intermediate
   -  Dual-Wielding Combat Styles      -   N/A
   -  Double-Bladed Combat Styles      -   N/A
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Xaedrin Vondiranach
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