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Lenavina Caezar's Threads
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Original Lena'ha Martin

{ At age 28 }

¤ Another Lifetime Ago - Right as the Empire is considering an alliance with the Republic againg the Vong, young Lenavina meets Grand Admiral Tharelle and spends time sharing opinions with the man.

Lenavina Mar (first clone)[/color]

¤ Knowledge is Power; Guard it Well -
¤ Time Tells No Lies -
¤ Drowning the Woes - Lena uses the tracking device on Hevana their Mom put in all of them and finds her in a bar, intoxicated.

Lenavina Ceazar neé Martin[/size]

{ At age 35 }

¤ Within the Gardens[/s] - Lena wonders in the gardens of the Sith Temple and meets one of the women studying there.
¤ A Lesson in Intelligence - A new agent joins the ranks of the Imperial Intelligences, expect he chooses the wrong building but with luck, he runs into Lenavina. She gets the Deputy Director.
¤ Waking the Fox[/s] - Emperor Lucian Drakul brings three females back to Coruscant. Lenavina requires him to sign some documents. Her appearance in the thread ended.
¤ A mother's lament[/s] - An alien woman stops Lena on the street and asks for her help in finding her son. She agrees to help her.

{ At age 36 }

¤ Dinner For Two - Deputy Director Starkiller invites Lenavina to dinner to celebrate her birthday.
¤ II - Not Just An Oxymoron - A Sith Knight joins the ranks of the Imperial Intelligence. Lena tests her skills of interrogation under her boss's orders.
¤ The Imperialist and the Witch[/s] - Having forgotten something, she returns to the office a bit later then usual and finds Serva Cavataio snooping around her desk.
¤ Monthly Resources - A Terror Upon TSR! - Terrorists are threating to bomb several relevant locations of Coruscant. Lenavina follows the Deputy Director as he meets with the highest members of the Empire and later gives assignments to the agents.
¤ Grand Commission - An event has been thrown in the honor of the Director's father returning to the Empire. Due to the events after his speech that include a redhead, Lenavina is instructed to find out who the woman is and put one of their agents to follow her.
¤ My Dear Amelia - During a regular day at work, a woman by the name of Amelia Chase arrives to the office to which the Director has warned about ahead of time. Amelia turns out to be her daughter and Lenavina gets to torture and kill the man who said her family was dead.
¤ Thought You Should Know - After being re-united with her daughter after nearly twenty years, Lena goes to Naboo visits two places. Second one is the house where she hid Adrian in from Rebel forces where she meets another woman hurt by love and the two drink together.
¤ Burn the Past, Let the Future Begin - After having drank quite a bit with the woman, Lena stumbles her way back to her childhood home and sees the truth in her actions, understands why she's hated her father all this time and burns the house before leaving the planet.

¤ Crafting a Weapon - After receiving an odd invitation, Lena takes Amelia to see Naha'va where she witnesses her daughter's training for the first todays and practices using two lightsabers against a training droid orb which she hasn't done since the last lifetime.
¤ Wanna Get Away? - After what had happened with Amelia and in the elevator with her superior, Lena and Alistair take a vacation together on Corellia.
¤ Never Pay For Somebody Else's Mistakes - Lenavina is called to the office of Grand Moff deWinter where she learns there was an administrative error and her promotion document was never signed by the Emperor. The mistake is rectified with a new contract in which she gets to continue her current work without any changes.

{ At age 37 }

¤ Devil's Advocate - Still not fully healed, Alistair comes to visit Lena and tells her about the events with his mother and sister. She puts him up in the guest bedroom to recover.
¤ A Family Matter -
¤ The Breakdown: A Day of Reckoning - What began as an ordinary work day, found itself to be the end of the Sith Imperium. With bombs going off around Coruscant and the news of the same thing repeating on Byss, Lenavina finds herself in a sense of confusion but also a sense of worry for her child's life. Having discovered that Amelia is safe, she and Alistair leave Coruscant.
¤ There Goes My Hero -
¤ What the Hell was I Thinking? -
¤ What the hell? Who are you people? Family? Damn... -
¤ Let's Make it a Night - Lena attends a party on Ketaris.

{ At age 43 }

¤ Coup D'etat - Following a conversation with Xaedrin two months prior to the present events of the thread, Lenavina takes part in his coronation on Ketaris.
¤ We Meet Again - Cameron Centurion summons Lenavina to Vjun.
¤ It's Already Mine - Lenavina escorts the Emperor to the Kuat System.
¤ Rise... - Lena gets a couple of days off and goes to Corellia to spend it with her boyfriend.
¤ Faded Pictures - Lena meets Cameron on Vjun to discuss her future in the Empire.

Thread Legend[/size]
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