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Lauda Cavataio ~ Threads
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Age 5
The Call of Ancient Ways: Part One - Lauda's training begins with Witch Spells, with her Ma'dri to which her Father witness to. She learns Weather Sense, Spell of Focus and Arrows of Fire II. After she has learned the spells and given the scroll of the first one to pass down to her own first daughter, Lauda is tested by Serva to what she had learned on that day only to be tucked in by her father at the end of it and receives a Sith Amulet, Talisman of Concentration.
The Call of Ancient Ways: Part Two - The training continues where Petra teaches Lauda Basic Telekinesis, Telekinesis I, Force Crush I, Mountain Sense, Spell of Element Protection, Tempest I, Night Sight and Probe Spell I. In the day's lesson, Lauda was given a journal to write about her feelings and training and was instructed to sleep in the meditation room.
Age 6

Scroll after Scroll: Part One - Having been given access to the scrolls chamber, Lauda learns Spell of Water, Spell of Healing I, Call Mist, Force Crush II and Spell of Fire Creation I on her own. During the two days, she is also babysat by Destra, the herd mother.
Age 7
Scroll after Scroll: Part Two - Second part of the training. Lauda learns Animal Healing, Song of Power, Call Rain I, Shield Spell and Spell of Healing II.
Age 13
The Call of Ancient Ways: Part 2.5 - Serva tests Lauda.
Age 15
The Call of Ancient Ways: Part 3 - Lauda has her Trial by Ancestors


Age 18
The Meaning of Life - Lauda visits her father while she's conducting an experiment and by his side learns telekinesis, force spark, force deflect, force rage and force drain during her visit there.
Age 25
The Best Parts of Me Belong to You - Xander and little Alistair visit Lauda on Dathomir, giving the two siblings time to bond and the father and daughter to spend some time together.
Hunter's Chance - The young woman wonders into one of the training rooms in the stronghold, taking lessons from her mother's slave Sanies Robur. After a short sparring round, the two end up being physical after which they both get back to what they were doing.
House Call - Two months pregnant Lauda calls Shery to come visit her on Dathomir.
Age 30
Time to Run Away - Lauda spends time with little Ancilla.
Age 31
The Power of Two - Lauda begins training Mirus and Mira. Through Trial by Fire, they learn Weather Sense after which they are taught Telekinesis I, Spell of Focus and Call Mist.
Age 39
The Bulls cries to the Moon - Wild rancors go mad on Dathomir and Petra sends Serva and Lauda to solve the problem. The sisters separate and Lauda gets a new Rancor in the end, making friends with one of them.
Bonding, not Bondage - Since she's getting a step-mother, Lauda decides to spend time with her and introduces her to Pervicax. Since they're with the rancors and Anna is becoming part of their culture, the Witch steps aside while she watches the new member connect to her very own rancor.
The Claim - An outsider, Loque crashes on Dathomir. Lauda and Serva go after La'Ca who is up to her tricks as other Witches chase the outsider.
Soft Side - Countinues after 'The Claim'. Loque is caught by the Dathomiri and brought to the Cavataio stronghold where Lauda tries to make his stay as comfortable as possible and the two don't meet eye to eye.
Catching my breath - On her trip to Corellia, Lauda meets a Jedi Master. She learns about his family and kills his brother as he tries to hurt Kamon and her. She takes him later to Dathomir and they don't meet eye to eye about what a Sith is on the transport.
How the Other Half Lives - Continues after 'Catching my breath'. Having brought Kamon to Dathomir, Lauda takes him to meet Petra due to the new rules and because Ma'dri can talk to him better.
A Little Trip - The new Emperor of the Sith comes to meet the Superior Mother but Petra sends Lauda to meet with him.
Homeward Bound - Lauda is sent to one of the Nightsister tribes to offer her help and see the progress of the village, where she meets a Witch, Ovelia Black, that has only returned to the planet after being away for ten years.
Waking the Wild Witch of Dxun - The Witch goes on a trip to Dxun and will discover a lost Nightsister.
A Dathomirian Morning - Lauda meets Blade Peacecraft and falls in love with him that same day.
Sister, Sister - Serva invited Lauda to her room where they talk about their mother's past and shares with her plans for a possible dark future. Lauda also reveals to her big sister about Blade and what she plans to do about it.
Change in the Wind - Petra hands Morte clan to Serva, proclaims Lauda her Priestess and announces the alliance with the Sith Imperium.
A Dathomirian Surprise - After spending the night at Blade's, Lauda is awaken in an empty bed, following the scents of breakfasts which the two share together before her mother surprises her with a visit arranged by Blade. She tells her mother how she feels about Blade and she wishes to claim him which is quickly accepted by the Superior Mother. Age 40
Ancient Wisdom - Lauda meets Kari.
Rock, Paper, Rancor? - Group training with rancors.
Harping About the Small Stuff - Ma'dri asks for a meeting with the leadership of the Sith Imperium, asking they give her Hapes for which she will give them three planets in the future. Lauda's role in this was merely that of a student, learning how a leader conducts negotiations and how people handle themselves in such things.
Age 48
A Witch's Tale - Nessarose visits Dathomir and the two sisters train together. Lauda teaches her sister witch spells. The Heart of Dathomir - Lauda is summoned by Il'Sirus Fiore to meet Garith Darkhold who arrives to the planet.
Age 51
The Breakdown: A Day of Reckoning - Mid training her daughter Mira on Dathomir, Lauda is struck by deep intense pain which she interprets as the death of her father.
Liberation? Sort of... - Lauda meets Cameron Centurion once more and the two agree that the Witch the teach the Sith of her culture and he will teach her Force Powers
Careful What You Witch For - Training Il'Sirus Fiore.
Witchie Demeanors - Trained by and training Nessarose. The girls learn why non-Witches can no longer learn spells.
The Day the Magic Died - Lauda takes Nessarose to see the Nightsister expert on curses.
Age 52
Blood Pacts and Magic - Diplomatic thread between TSP and WoD
Pride and Glory - Mirus dies during his Trial to Warrior. Lauda feels in on Dathomir and Force Screams due to her pain.
Oh, my Goddess: Part I - Lauda is summoned by Ma'dri to speak of a planet unknown to most. Through the brief meeting she learns about the existence of Sognoterra and is assigned with gathering Witches to accompany it to accomplish the plan of bringing under the Witches' banner
Oh, my Goddess: Part II - Takeover of Sognoterra
Sorry, I was Busy - Cameron returns to Dathomir to keep to his word.
Pardon our Past - Lauda reaches out to TGE to have them meet on Bandomeer due to their close borders and history.
Age 53
Welcome to Hellmouth - Dathomir opens its doors to everyone on this year's Halloween.
Counterbalance - Destota Valentine arrives to Dathomir.
Familia Tempa - Lauda receives a meeting from Ma'dri to meet with her and her siblings on Decem X.
Age 57
The quietness of youth - On a day when her daughter isn't training, the small family rests.
Let's Make Babies - Petra plans on making dragon-rancors for which she summons Lauda and Mirus.
The Unseen Path: Episode Two - Petra summons Lauda to Sognoterra.


Age 60
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Lauda Cavataio ~ Threads
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Neutral Powers
- Apprentice
Basic Telekinesis
Force Comprehension
Force Empathy
Force Sense
- Knight
Alter Elements: Fire
Enhance Force Sense
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Blinding
Force Deflect
Force Scream
Force Spark
- Master
Force BubbleDarkside Powers
- Apprentice
Force Rage
- Knight
Basic Sith Sorcery
Illusion Casting
Force Drain
- Master

Witch Spells

- Spellhunter
Arrows of Fire I
Force "Blanket" I
Force Crush I
Mountain Sense
Night Sight
Probe Spell I
Spell of Communication
Spell of Focus
Spell of Healing I
Spell of Power
Spell of Water
Telekinesis I
Tempest I
Weather Sense
- Spellweaver
Animal Healing
Arrows of Fire II
Call Mist
Call Rain I
Force "Blanket" II
Force Crush II
Shield Spell
Spell of Element Protection
Spell of Fire Creation I
Spell of Healing II
- Sorceress
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