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Asteria deWinter
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Name: Asteria deWinter
Birth planet: Spira
Citizenships: Spira, Coruscant, Corellia
Living situations: Dessel/deWinter Mansion in Spira, Dessel/deWinter Penthouse on Coruscant, The Ice Princess, Forbidden Temple (Endelaan)
Faction/Loyalties: The Sith Imperium (formally), deWinter/Dessel Family, Red Lady
Rank: Sith Mistress
Occupation: Governess of Sector 2 (formally), Owner of Red Lady
Gender: Female
Specie: Human
Age: Varies; 18 - 32 (a year and a half younger than Morgaine, a year younger then Adam)
Personal Skills: Refer here
Threads and Force Powers: Refer here
Personal Possessions: Refer here

:: Physical Appearance ::

Avatar: Dakota Fanning | Emilie de Ravin | Kate Hudson
Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m)
Weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)
Eye Color: Turquoise (her eyes may appear dark green in some lights)
Hair Color: Blonde; Dyed Brown
Body Shape: Slim
Skin Tone: Pale/Fair
Distinguishing Marks: Burn marks on the side of her stomach (Force dueling Boadicea (in Shery deWinter's body))
                                    Burn marks on on her left arm, below the elbow (Force dueling Boadicea (in Shery deWinter's body))

:: Family ::

Mother: Shery deWinter
Father: Lorcan Dessel
Godfather: Cameron Centurion
Sisters: Morgaine deWinter, Cordelia Isis deWinter, Nessarose deWinter
Brother: Adam Dessel
Half-sisters: Brumhilda deWinter, Elora
Half-brothers: N/A
Children: None yet. <
Grandfathers: Jax Dessel(d.), Jacob deWinter (d.)
Grandmothers: Sophie Dessel (d.), Illyandra deWinter (d.)
Uncles: Jonathan deWinter
Aunts: Isobel Dessel
Cousins: Jace deWinter, Merlin deWinter, Arachne deWinter, Sarisya deWinter, Fallon deWinter, Natalie deWinter, Amarant deWinter, Paige deWinter, Tabitha deWinter, Demetrius deWinter, Cameron Centurion, Castor Centurion (d.), Isabella Centurion, Lyle V Centurion, Diomedes Antares,
Nieces: Effera deWinter
Nephews: Dante deWinter
Masters: Shery deWinter, Xander Starkiller, Cameron Centurion, Sara Arkelion, Nessarose deWinter
Students: Nessarose deWinter, Sara Arkelion (briefly), Reon Memnoch, Krest, Keziah Denko

:: Basic History ::

Find out here.
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Asteria deWinter
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