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Arkanis Revan
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Bio for (Name)Arkanis Revan

Surname: Revan
Given Name: Arkanis
Known Aliases: Korto Voss *though not everyone would know him*
Occupation: Jedi Master 
Gender: Male
Race: 1/2 Kiffar 1/2 Miraluka
Place of Birth: Tattooine
Place of Residence: None listed 
Former Place(s) of Residence:Tatooine*Very little time spent at all* Kashyyk, Chandrilla, Ossus, with occasional visits to Alpherides.
Affiliation: The Alliance, The Wardens of The Sky
Possesions and Skills 
Combat Style: Telekenetic Specialist
Arkanis' prefered method of combat is generally unarmed and using the force. Largely Telekenetics. His abilities and skills at projecting telekenetic force energy are far and wide. His devotion to the art has led to him develop a variety of uses that are rather unorthadox but serve him well. Able to make a stand at long range and close range thanks to his martial training as a Warden. Depending on where the engagement starts he's versatile enough to switch either distance. However his repitioure will largely stay within the focus of TK strikes. Slams, shoves, pushes, pulls, cuts, blasts, strikes. All manner of manipulation are at his disposal.

Items and Equipment
1 Short handled Lightsaber- Arkanis' sorely underused lightsaber.

Kalashinata The Miraluka light blade constructed during the Alpheridian civil war which occured 3 to 4,000 yrs. ago. Alchemically designed to enhance lightsided aura's and promote cellular regrowth.

R4-D4 An R4 series Astromech that helps aid Korto with repairs and upkeep of the Ospry.


Akranis is in good build, and physique. Except for his lack of pupils and irises. Over his eyes he wears a bandanna tied behind his head. His facial features are sharp and strong. The body of an lithe athelete, like a gymnast perhaps.
Height: 6 feet even
Weight: 185 pounds
Eyes: Flat white/blind
Hair: Black and long usually kept back by a tie.
Other Features: Since his time as a jedi Revans personal habits could be argued that he likes finding trouble. As a result he bares many war wounds. Various scars and nicks. He also has 2 sets of tattoos. One on his face, and the other a star on his arm that is the symbol of the Guardians. The police force of the Kiffar.

Clothing: Can be found wearing the typical drab tan robes of a jedi.

 Wears an all black synth-leather outfit with a rebreather mask and light armor and padding on it when on duty as a Warden patrolling hyperspace lanes, or working for the Alliance.


Other Information

: Arkanis is really calm tempered and happy go lucky. But his good natured spirit hides the seriousness of his demeanor. He takes his jedi training very serious. For Arkanis, protecting those who cant is a big thing for him. To stand up and protect selflessly is his biggest strength and weakness.

Known Relatives: Roilas Mann *though unaware yet*  
Father: Jacen Mann *deceased*
Mother: Quistis Vos *deceased*

(( Arkanis's history is being rewritten to suit Decension. Please check back for updates ))

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Arkanis Revan
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Added to the bio index!