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Tara Ultron
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¤ General Information ¤ 

Name: Tara Alexis Ultron
Age: Varies; 16 - 36
Gender: Female
Specie: Human
Birth planet: Corellia 
Faction: The Alliance

¤ Physical Appearance ¤ 

Avatar: Sophie Marceau 
Height: 5'8'' 
Weight: 112 lbs 
Eye Color: Light Brown 
Hair Color: Dark Brown (varies) 
Body Shape: Skinny but curved. 
Skin Tone: Tanned. 
Distinguishing Marks: None so far. 

¤ Family ¤ 

Mother:  Amelia Ultron (D) 
Father: Alexander Ultron (D) 
Siblings: Adrianna Fiore, Nathaniel Ultron, Amalia Braska 
Children: None yet 
Other family: 
Siblings-in-law Teela Ultron, Methias Fiore (D) 
Nices Deidre Fiore, Yaran Somir, Il'Sirus Fiore, Sevorah Morteverdi, Skye Ultron, Demala Draclau, Leylah Ultron, Eri'Anya Starkiller
Nephews Ceryni Fiore, Ithiel IV Fiore, Malikar Fiore, Coren Starkiller, Lono Draclau

¤ Basic History ¤ 

Tara was born as the youngest daughter of the late senator Alexander Ultron and his wife Amelia. Due to her mother's long affair with Brendan Revata, it wasn't quite sure from the start whether she was an Ultron or Revata but the confusion was lifted after the tests done on the baby. She grew up on Corellia with her brother Nathaniel and his wife and had until her teenage years seen nothing of the galaxy beyond that. As a teenager, she was kidnapped by Deus Nox and it was during that time that she realized her home was not as safe as she believed her entire life and that made her take the first step into the unknown. Just that alone was enough to make her hunger for more. 

Twenty years later, she was ready to truly be part of what was out there. She had done all her studies, had traveled the galaxy and at last made her decision to follow in her father's footsteps and enter the world of diplomacy and such. Or she'd figure it out when she got to it. She may still somewhat be naive but her experience with the pirate thought her enough to know it is not the safest place out there.

¤ Thread tracking ¤

¤ A Chance Meeting - Tara's eldest sister returns home and reveals that Methias has been killed.
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Tara Ultron
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