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Rylan Kordel
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Basic Info

Personnel Datafile:  Daddy X/Shadowtracker

Full Name:  Rylan Kordel
Race:  Human
Chronological Age: Two years with flash driven memories that span two hundred and thirty-five years
Apparent Age:  Twenty-Nine
Gender:  Male
Birthworld: Coruscant
Homeworlds:  Coruscant

Living Situation:  An apartment building not far from Sith temple, Coruscant
Occupation:  Sith Master, Weapons Dealer, Hitman
Legal Status:  Coruscanti citizen
Relationship Status:  Single
Mother: Naha'va (Adopted)
Sister: Lenavina Martin (Adopted)

Affiliation:  Factionless
Rank:  Master

Skills:  Rylan can understand and speak Basic, Ryl, T'doshok, Shyriiwook, Kiffar and Mandalorian. He is well-trained in the use of melee weapons such as vibroblades and vibroswords, as well as lightsabers, and is a master in two-weapon combat.  He is an extremely well trained pilot, and loves to battle enemies face-to-face.

Known Force Abilities; Skills
Basic Telekinesis -> Enhanced Telekinesis; Pull, Push, Throw
Enhance Ability; Jump, Speed, Sight
Enhance Senses
Force Sense-> Enhance Force Sense
Force Choke->Force Grip
Force Rage
Torture By Chagrin
Spear Of The Midnight Black
Force Drain
Force Spark->Force Lightning

Personality:  Rylan's has suffered some odd memory flashes from his cloning procedure and there for is a slightly twisted and sarcastic character, he is a shameless flirt when it comes to most women, and has been known to go out of his way to piss off people for his own amusement. When he makes friends, he is furiously over protective of them to the point of being like a mother wolf protecting her young, this has made him wary of making any real ties with other outside of business deals, and only time will tell if this causes him any issues.

Hobbies:  Whatever he want to do at any point in time.

Physical Stats
Avatar:  Channing Tatum
Height:  6'
Weight:  197lbs.
Hair Color:  Brunette
Eye Color:  Blue-Green
Other: usually spots a stubbly beard.

Possessions: This and That, nothing you need to know.

History: Rylan's history is short lived, as he is the clone of the original Rylan Kordel who had betrayed his allegiance to the Sith Remnant. He was created as a weapon to hunt down and kill his predecessor. With such being his life, the clone ended up having all the memories of the original flash driven into his mind and the same skill set. Though the clone grew to become rather independent and decided to strike out on his own and see what mark he could leave on the galaxy.
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Rylan Kordel
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