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Jennica Sorsten
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Basic Info

Name:  Jennica Sorsten (b: Jennica Maer)
Nicknames/Aliases:  Pale One, The Watcher
Age:  21 (varies depending on thread timeline)
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Nagi
Homeworlds:  Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa

Legal Status:  Coruscanti citizen
Relationship Status:  Partner - Isobel Starkiller
Living Situation:  Coruscant - currently
Occupation:  Starfighter / Starship Mechanic / Information Broker

Affiliation:  Factionless, currently
Current Rank:  Force Practitioner Knight

Personal Skills:  Jennica can understand and speak Arkanian, Basic, Nagaian, Rodese and Squibbian.  She is a very skilled mechanic, both with starfighters and starships, and can understand astromech droids.  As she is half-Arkanian, Jennica is also capable of seeing in infrared light, albeit to a lesser degree, and her eyes are half as sensitive to sources of extreme heat.  This ability only enhances her predilection for darkness and stealth, and is an advantage she has over non-Arkanians.  Finally, she's a skilled practitioner of K'tara.

Personality:  Jennica, like her Nagai relations, is disciplined, but, she is extremely disciplined - by choice.  Calling her anti-social would be paying her a compliment; she is so silent that some have wondered if she even has the ability to speak.  She has a sense of humor that only shows itself rarely, and regards every matter with extreme thoroughness, from all angles.  To her, knowing an enemy is not simply a saying, but a crucial necessity, an integral part of who she is.  She, if she ever decided to eliminate an opponent, always prefers to gather all the information, all the knowledge, that she can before striking, especially potential weaknesses.  It is this characteristic that has earned her the nickname, the honorific, "The Watcher."  However, she doesn't shy away from interacting with those she trusts, in friendly ways.

Activities:  Maintaining and upgrading her clients' starfighters and starships, maintaining and improving her skills with K'tara, and her lightsaber.

Known Force Abilities:
Neutral Apprentice -
Basic Telekinesis
Breath Control
Enhance Ability
Force Comprehension
Force Persuasion
Force Sense
Magnify Senses
Shadow I

Neutral Knight -
Body Adjustment
Comprehend Speech
Enhanced Force Sense
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Adhere
Shadow II

Force Abilities Desired:
Neutral Knight -
Alter Elements - Air
Basic Technopathy
Conceal Alignment
Force Deflect
Force Sight

Neutral Master -
Art of the Small
Force Cloak
Force Concealment
Mastered Technopathy
Mastered Telekinesis
Shadow III
Shadow Walk

Physical Stats:
Avatar:  Rachel Weisz
Height:  5'4"
Weight:  136 lbs.
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Silver
Other:  Pale gray skin

General Appearance:  Jennica stands five feet and four inches tall, slightly below average height, and weighs an entirely average one hundred and thirty-six pounds.  She shares the pale skin and black hair of her Nagai kin, and her fingers end in claws, much like her Arkanian kin, but there the similarities end.  Instead of pure white eyes, white skin, and straight hair, she has silver eyes, gray skin, and her hair is far from straight.  It tends to be shoulder-length, in whatever style Jennica finds pleasant at any given time.  Her appearance has the advantage of allowing her to disappear into any background that has shadows or dark colors in any shade of black or gray with little effort.  She customarily wears a sleeveless black leather tunic, black leather pants, matching boots, and elbow-length fingerless black leather gloves.

Possessions:  Personal clothing, light armor, a single-bladed silver lightsaber with a stygium crystal, and an R2 unit named R2-Z6, "Raziel," or "Razzy," for short.
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Jennica Sorsten
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Added to the bio list!

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