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Ciaran Deadwood
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     ¤ General Information ¤

Name: Ciaran Deadwood
Known aliases: Ciaran Revata
Rank: Sith Knight
Birth planet: Corellia
Faction//Loyalties: The Sith Imperium (formally), Neav Revata
Gender: Female
Age: Varies; 25

     ¤ Physical Appearance ¤

Avatar: Lara Robinson | Jordana Brewster
Height: 5'7'' (1.70 m)
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown/Dark Brown
Body Shape: Slim
Skin Tone: Slightly tanned
Distinguishing Marks: None

     ¤ Family ¤

Mother: Neav Revata
Father: Nathaniel Deadwood (d.)
Siblings: Ennel Litherru (half-sister), Leto Deadwood (twin), Ashlyn Draclau (half-sister)
Cousins: Namric Fiore, Sienne Fiore, Aaralyn Fiore, Kyle Fiore, Enric Fiore, Lono Draclau, Demala Draclau
Aunts: Leentje Fiore, Fable Revata, Amalia Braska,
Uncles: Elias Fiore

Masters: Neav Revata, Alistair Starkiller
Students: N/A

          ¤ Basic History ¤

Age 0 Born to Neav Revata and already deceased Nathaniel Deadwood, right after her brother Leto was born.
Age 12 Begins training with her mother on Corellia, learning two powers that very day.
Age 13 TBA
Age 17 Trains with Alitair Starkiller shortly on Coruscant.
Age 18
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Ciaran Starkiller
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