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Artuil Skaara
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Full Name: Artuil Skaara
Alias: Formerly known as Darth Dominus, now simply as Master Skaara, or Skaara
Age: 486
Species: Anzat
Gender: Male
Birth world: Anzat
Legal Status: N/a
Living Situation:
Occupation: Roaming Jedi Master

Affiliation: The Jedi Order
Force Rank: Jedi Master

Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Wife: None


Having touched the darkness within and seen what it brings with it has changed him indeed. For one so used to living by his instincts and by the way and to change to a life such as this left him changed however. Sometimes very overbearing and understanding, but his own experience leading him to tendencies leading towards pushing others harder and rebutting them for their excuses when they face challenges. His transformation from darkness to light has been a experience wrought with danger and hardship. And with that following a strong sense of expectations towards those around him, but also a sense of understanding forbearance. He honestly believe that when he can change and find the control that he has so longed for, then everyone else can. His past actions however keeps him steeled on a path of atonement, trying to make up for the sins and atrocities he committed as his former darker self.

Something which often leads to him clinging to that notion, even when its a lost course or it does require too much effort to make it worth the effort. Those that might have known him would say that Artuil had gone from one extreme to the next.


Being born to Anzat the first 100 or so years of Artuil's life consisted more or less of training and preparing to go on that eternal hunt those of his kin revels in. But he left Anzat at the age of 105 to join in in the ever expansive hunt for the very thing that drove them.. "soup". Said "expedition" soon lead him towards the Sith order, where he finally found another home in the galaxy or least one for the time being. The enclave he was "with" never realised what he was but then again only looked at his sheer ambition and drive and the will to excel over the other students. But it was a perfect setting for Artuil to continue his hunt and sate his hunger. But feeding on the fellow apprentices and later knights only worked to augment his powers and enhance them further.

At one point however he was called out on it by his master, but by this time he had already grow to such a level that he challenged his own master, and after a long and hard fight added his "soup" to the soup of the many others he had consumed over the years. Artuil turned his back on the enclave and went his own ways to form his own path, his own "future" in the galaxy and what followed was a 200 year mad dash across the galaxy ducking and hiding, and reemerging every where and nowhere at the same time spreading chaos and panic wherever he went, and left death and destruction in his wake.

But needless to say such activities did eventually draw unwanted attention and soon he found himself not only dealing with those of his own, looking to usurp him and seize what power he had. No soon the Jedi started appearing in his operations as well, throwing in their little entanglements here and there. Eventually it lead to a lot of heated fight and skirmishes between Artuil and those that followed in his dark wake and the forces of the Jedi order seeking to undo his evil deeds. But he was not one to be trifled with so Artuil took matters into his own hands and started a long and hard campaign that had all but nearly broken his forces and left him bare. But on the fateful day where Artuil scored a decisive victory for his troops something happened.

Whatever happened no one ever new or saw, but all that people recalled was that their master came out and spoke to them, and that was the last time they saw him. With no Sith lord to guide and inspire them his forces quickly degenerated and fell back into their old regime.... Lord Dominus was no more.


Following his drop from the spot light Artuil scourged the galaxy, this time under a new name and new alias all together. The long war and struggle and the ultimate outcome, having changed him for reasons unknown. But he had now seen the error of his ways, now was a time for improvements, now was his time of atonement. Needless to say he would have been scuffed at by his former accomplices and former men. But he was beyond that now, lingering in one place only so long as he permitted himself. There was after all an entire galaxy to fix and heal, his powers however did precious little to help him with that in the first many years, having been used to bringing only death and destruction wherever he passed.

But as time passed his powers changed focus and he slowly fought back for control and reclaiming whatever frail fragments remained of his conscience and "soul". Finding and getting aid from the Jedi Order on a general level was impossible forcing him to go by whatever few knights he could manage to convince of his now noble goals, staying with them and in turn learning something new and training things he had never dealt with before.

His path of atonement, followed with a dedication and zeal unlike no other until one day he again decided to vanish off the face of the galaxy, this time however for longer then last time. No one saw him anymore and he slowly faded into memory... just like he had wanted.

But now after 100 years of exile it was a time of change, it was time..... 

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Artuil Skaara
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