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Russell Tersk
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Full Name: Russell Anthony Tersk of Serenno (Great House of Nalju)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Homeplanet: Serenno

Faction: The Criminal Underground

Title of Nobility:
Count of Serenno

Force Affiliation: Dark Jedi
-Current Rank: Apprentice

Personal Ship:
SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 5000 Serenno Beauty

The Serenno Beauty is highly upgraded. Along with the two (2x) dual laser cannon turrets straddling the bridge, the following weapons have been added:
-1x quad laser cannon (ventral, directly underneath the bridge)
-2x retractable turreted blaster cannons (on either side of the boarding ramp)
-3x general warhead launchers (2x straddling the bridge facing fore along with dual laser cannons, 1x ventral facing aft [a nasty surprise for any ships trying to hit it from behind])
The following countermeasures have been added:
-Universal jammers
-Flares (warhead countermeasure)
-Chaff (warhead countermeasure)
The engines and power plant have been heavily upgraded.
The navigation and avionics systems have been upgraded with military-grade components (black market).
The hyperdrive has been upgraded to .5 (military-grade).
Shielding has been heavily upgraded.
Carries a starfighter complement of three (3x) X-83 TwinTail starfighters (normally, the PLY 5000 can carry six fighters, but extra room was needed for the other upgrades)
-The interior is extremely luxurious. The interior walls and ceilings of the living areas are of extremely expensive and rare Alderaanian oak and the floors are Hapen marble. Classy artwork from across the Galaxy tastefully decorate the living areas. Only the finest materials are used, whether for counter tops, chairs, tables, appliances. The cabins of the yacht were large and luxuriant: many times with expensive stonework refreshers, genuine carpet, expensive lace and silk beds, and large, open closets. The food processor were top of the line, as were the various servant droids that silently did the job of maintaining the spacecraft, working as butlers, maids and chefs. There were two hot tubs, a ballroom complete with a humongous crystal-and-gold chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and a stately and extravagant dining room. Truly, the ship was like a flying miniature palace. An upgraded communications center also made the ship a flying command post from where Russell could oversee his operations.
-The interior was also very secure. In every room was at least one retractable autoturret (completely concealed and unnoticable) and, at the push of a button, heavy durasteel blast doors could be closed, thus sealing off any single room or rooms and allowing for the deployment of either CS (tear) gas or lethal nerve gas from hidden vents. Every servant droid was trained in combat and carried a hidden Q2 hold-out blaster in their metalworks. Besides the three starfighters which could be used to make a quick escape, there are also several escape pods built into the ship. The Serenno Beauty was the ultimate combination of luxury and security.


-One (1x) electrum-plated lightsaber (blade color is red)
-Two (2x) WESTAR-34 blaster pistols (one worn on either hip)
-One (1x) dagger (worn in an ankle sheath)
-One (1x) concealed dart launcher (worn on right wrist/forearm and concealed by sleeve: usually fitted with poison darts, but can use tranquilizing darts and explosive-tip darts)

Biography: Russel Anthony Tersk was born on the Outer Rim world of Serenno to the Great House of Nalju. Serenno had six Great Houses and the scions of each House, accorded the title of Count, were some of the wealthiest beings on the planet, if not the Galaxy. Like many children of the wealthy, he was raised by a myriad of governesses, nannies and nursemaids. Only on rare occasions did he ever spend time with his parents, and that was usually only for important events where he was expected to be on his best behavior and fulfill the role of the effete noble lad. Thus, he was raised with very little discipline since his parents were too busy and those paid to watch him were terrified that he might complain against them and cause them problems.

From quite a young age, he was a little autocrat. He loved to tell lies about the staff and get them into serious trouble and when he was playing with the servants' children (he was extremely sheltered), he loved to lord his power over them. At first, it was just name calling and poking and pushing and little stuff like that, but when he saw that he could get away with it, his mistreatment of them increased. Physically, he was quite powerful, so he would pick one peer and beat up on them and then order the rest to follow suit under threat of him beating them up himself or spreading lies about them and their servile families to his own parents. Very quickly, he was learning the skills of manipulation and he truly enjoyed the brutality he could get away with. He liked seeing those weaker and poorer than him suffer and he had the ability to get away with it.

As he got older, he only got better at it. Like most children of Serenno's elite, he was sent to the Carannia Preparatory Academy in Serenno's capital city of Carannia. Realizing that his peers were, quite literally, his peers in terms of social class, he decided that instead of tormenting them, they should all get together and mess with the less fortunate. Their little 'gang' would beat up the poorer students who had to go to the various public schools, stealing their money and supplies. Obviously, they had no need for the money, but Russell enjoyed seeing them suffer since they could not so easily replace what he took and his followers developed a similar enjoyment of such antics. Even though he did this sort of heinous activity, he was a good student and a bit of a brown-noser. He was realistic enough to know whom he could torment at will and who to show respect too. He was intelligent and put his mind to manipulating people around him and he was usually quite good at it.

He was vindictive and cunning. During his secondary school years, there was a very beautiful girl at one of the poorer public schools he wanted 'in an adult way', but she was uninterested since, although he was wealthy and in good shape, he was at that awkward age and was not exactly handsome (he would grow into it later). When she refused, he was angered because he felt she had no right to turn him down since she was a lowly nobody. Thus, a few days later, having mapped out the path she took to walk home, he ambushed her while wearing a mask and threw acid into her face, permanently disfiguring her. Later, he would take pictures of her horribly scarred face and posted it around the local HoloNet. His bullying of her got so bad that she tried to commit suicide and was committed to an asylum. He thought it was quite humorous, especially since he was never punished for it. After all, no one could prove he had done the act, although many suspected it and, you know what, from that point on, very few women rejected his advances. As far as he was concerned, they were there to serve his...erm...needs.

His cunningly evil nature was coming to the surface more and more. When he was not tormenting people, he was doing so to animals. He setup his own laboratory in his family's palatial estate, but it was more of an animal torture chamber. He enjoyed seeing the effects his actions had. For example, he would inject acid into a rodent's veins just to see how it suffered or he would use a powerful light source and magnifying lens to burn the retinas of various animals, as well as their bodies. He would vivisect things, letting the blood get all over the place. One day, he hoped to perform these experiments on humans, but it was not to be.

After graduating from the CPA, his father got him a spot in Serenno Military Academy. He excelled there, for his ultra-competitiveness and lack of mercy and compassion are sort of respected in that environment. During sparring sessions, he would beat his opponents to a pulp, continuing to pummel them even after they surrendered, claiming that 'in war, there is no surrender'. He always had to be first and was not above malicious acts to ensure this, such as destroying a fellow student's project the day before it was due or giving incorrect notes to study partners. He did have a small cadre of friends at the SMA, but it was mostly made up of people who realized how dangerous he was and that it was better to do what he says than face his wrath and notorious vindictiveness. In a way, he was loyal and good to those who followed him, but it was almost always at the expense of everyone else.

After graduating from the SMA with Bachelor's degree in Military Studies, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and would serve for a year in the Serenno Planetary Defense Force, although he would be forced to leave due to his penchant for cruelty. He was actually usually decent to the enlisted men under him, but he was quite brutal in his application of force. During various deployments to combat uprisings on the planet, he was the one that would order that 10 civilians be executed for every one soldier killed and he allowed his men to pillage and loot, although he rarely personally took part in such 'festivities', being more interested in watching the brutal goings on at this point. He had few qualms about shooting women and children to send a message to would be troublemakers. It was only because of his family's extremely high stature that he avoided criminal charges and was instead merely discharged under 'other than honorable' circumstances (the worst administrative, albeit non-punitive, discharge an individual can receive).

At this point, two things happened that drastically changed Tersk's life. First, he inherited the title of Count of Serenno (including a controlling interest in House Nalju Pan-Galactic Industries as well as the vast wealth of the Great House of Nalju). Second, he learned of his great sensitivity to the Force. As a youngster, he had various odd premonitions, sensations and the like, but he had never really known what it was. It was not until a visiting Jedi noticed his presence in the Force that Tersk realized his sensitivity, but the Jedi refused to take Russell on as an Apprentice due to his penchant for evil.

Now, Russell is looking for a trainer and hopes to become very powerful in the Force. His thirst for power is quite unquenchable. He will become a great Dark Jedi and one day the whole fucking Galaxy will know his name and will fear him!
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Russell Tersk
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