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Sol Tershin
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Name -[/b] Sol Tershin
Profession -[/b] Bounty Hunter
Species -[/b]  Human (Echani)
Affiliation - Freelance
Age -[/b] 24
Height -[/b] 6'2'' 
Weight -[/b]  220
Appearance -[/b]  
Distinguishing marks - [/b]Scar on his left shoulder from combat.
Homeworld - [/b]Corulag
Family -[/b]  Unknown
Personality -[/b]  Takes his time and blends in with the crowd before stepping out and getting serious.
History -[/b] [/b]Born into slavery, young Sol always looked up to the Imperial Forces that patrolled his native soil, Sol strove to prepare himself for the day he too would join the Imperial Academy. Years passed, and finally the boy achieved his dream and enlisted in the Academy under his Owner's behest. Once he graduated, he used the money he had saved to buy his freedom and took on a position in the Imperial Marines, formally a member of the elite Special Ops unit that operated with the 501st. At the age of 19, he was dispatched to his native Corulag to suppress an uprising and violated a direct order to kill civilians, and as such suffered a court martial, and imprisonment. Two years later, at the age of 21, Sol escaped during a riot, stealing a Theta-Class T-2c Shuttle. Once clear of the prison colony, Sol pointed the vessel towards Nar Shaddaa and never looked back. He operated for several years as a freelance bounty hunter, and was very sucessful, selling the Theta-Class shuttle in the process, and joined a band of Mercs for the Exchange.
Strengths [/b]- Physical prowess, trained in the art of stealth by sneaking around the prison planet, stealing provisions and other supplies.
Weaknesses -
Tends to shoot first at times, but fiercely loyal to those he deems worth his time and effort.

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Sol Tershin
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