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Akamori Shinjo
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General Information
Name: Akamori Shinjo
Known Alias: Akamori Shinjo
Faction:  TCU, OmegaPyre, Shadow Guard
Gender: Male
Age: 35

        Physical Appearance
Avatar: Sephiroth (advent children)

Height: 6'3”
Weight: 215 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Body Shape: Trim and Cut 
Skin Tone: Light/bordering pale

Mother: T'sara Shinjo
Father: Kaneda Shinjo (Deceased)
Siblings: Kusinagi Shinjo

        Known Abilities
Force Abilities
Kro Var Shaper
Apprentice abilities
Shaping I - Air
Shaping I - Air
Knight Abilities
Shaping II - Air

        Notable possessions
- Hakai No Kami – God of Destruction, A long blade forged from metal of a wrecked starship.

          Basic History
Hailing from a small tribe on the far reaches of space, Akamori was raised in a family to be a warrior and leader. With the death of his father he was suddenly thrust into command of an army in the midst of a war war with a nation whom which his people had always been hostile. Ominaye his war chief who'd stepped up to take command of the overall war effort had assumed the role of surrogate father in the absense of his biological father. But the differences were quickly apparent. Ominaye ruled with an iron fist and commanded absolutely. He tolerated no failure and had no compassion. The war tilted in favor of the Shinjo clan at first, but as the army to the east became more seasoned with war they quickly fought the Shinjo state to a statemate.

When Akamori was commanded to ascertain the allegiance of a far flung village on the edges of their territory he quickly began to consider rebellion or fleeing. He wanted to know what his destiny held for him, what his path truly held and if it was even a path at all or if he was simply swept along in the current of life. He didn't feel comfortable with the idea of being out of control with his life. He also didn't like the idea of being ordered around by a powerhungry war monger for the rest of his life. So he decided to make a stand for what he felt like right.

So he returned to his clan and made his stand. Unfortunately he lacked both the skill and experince to defeat Ominaye. After he was beaten in combat he was exiled from his land. He drifted the land for quite some time. Eventually he stumbled onto a small space port where frieghter pilots would swing by and unload cargo. He hitched a ride in exchange for work and rode away at his nearest chance. Determined to learn the skills he needed to fight Ominaye and defeat him and take back his family from his clutches.

Since his time traveling space, he's encountered many people and made acquaintances with many more. He was hired to the OmegaPyre corporation as part of it's Shadow Guard contingent when it was discovered he was force sensitive. After being looked over by Master Ni'Men Ra as well as TiCira it was decided he would train both in the force and as a Shaper of Kro Var. His master Jennica Sorsten would train him in the force, sensing it, understanding it and wielding it. Ni'men Ra would teach him how to use that knowledge to manipulate his affinitive element, the Air, and harness that abilitity as both a weapon and a shield.

Threads in progress Akamori Meets Ayrill Madstrike Akamori Provides Private Security for a Corucanti Noble at the Emporers Party Akamori Investigates a lethal viral outbreak on a farflung planet for a price Akamori meets Kalinai and Kiya amidst a crash in Corucants busy streets Sparring Thread with Enton(inactive) Akamori travels to the armpit of the Galaxy to kick Naga Sadows ass

Akamori looks for a former Shadow Guard to try and save the company, and the Galaxy

After wrapping up a small job Akamori runs into an old friend and gets into more trouble.

Akamori goes to Procopia to help the Sith Effort in retaking it from a naughty sith lord

Completed Threads  Akamori meets Maelion and is introduced to OmegaPyre Winds of Change( Training Completed)

Akamori spends some quiet time reading and being social

Akamori is summoned to meet Seth Draclau, new owner of OmegaPyre about it's future.

Akamori fights to save Morgaine DeWinter from hordes of Zombies on Velmor
Akamori stops off on Muunilist for a drink and some food while the ship he's riding on gets fixed.

Akamori stumbles into a costume ball looking for the toilet. Uses his air shaping to escape so he find someplace less stuffy


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Akamori Shinjo
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Akamori Shinjo
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Akamori Shinjo
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