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Crystal Carter
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Full Name: Crystal Carter-Centurion
Alias: Darth Phoenix
Age: 53, but looks much younger
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthworld: Procopia
Legal Status: Princess Regent of Tapani
Living Situation: Estate on Coruscant, Palace on Procopia
Occupation: Princess Regent
Rank: Princess Regent of Tapani
Force Rank: Master

Father: Lyle Carter III (deceased)
Mother: Kaitlyn Carter (78), Queen Mother
Siblings: Lyle IV (Deceased), Candice (Twin, 53) Princess, William (43) Prince
Ex-Husband: Cameron Centurion
Son: Castor Centurion (Deceased - 17)
Daughter: Isabella Centurion (Deceased -20)
Son: Lyle V Centurion (6)


Crystal accepted her inevitable fate of being married off to the highest bidder and producing heirs at a young age, though she'd fought her parents tooth and nail. Full of both wit and anger, she can come across differently depending on her mood that particular day. She has an inept ability to read body language and is a relatively good judge of character. A sharp mind, a thirst for something greater and no outlet make her a very susceptible woman. She is very eager to learn and listens intently. She learns very quickly and does what is necessary to get the job done. Thus far she's killed only out of necessity. Her confidence grows with each new task she completes and each skill that she learns.


Born to the King of Tapani, Crystal and her twin sister made their arrival on schedule and in the dark of night. The twins were the second and third children of King Lyle III, and Kaitlyn. They were preceded by their eldest brother Lyle IV and later came their youngest sibling William. The four were raised as any proper heirs were, educated in all aspects of their kingdom privately. They were about as spoiled as it got. Crystal and her siblings quite frankly, were spoiled brats. It was to be expected in the Carter house however, as that was simply the way things were.

Crystal grew out of it quickly with discipline from her Sith father, also the King. He made time for her training, as well as that of her other siblings should they wish it. His heir was disinterested in the ways and workings of the Force, concentrating solely on the role he would hold one day. Crystal on the other hand was his hardest working student, progressing quickly. While her twin and William didn't progress quite as quickly, they too trained with their father. The three trained with their father until he died when Crystal and Candice were 25, and William, 15. He was 80 years old then. Their training was far from complete.

With the loss of her father, Crystal had no reason to be bound to Tapani. She decided to venture into the galaxy on her own. She met a man named Cameron Centurion during her travels, on Kuat. He was there on business, while her reasons were more for pleasure. The two met off and on for about five years before marrying on Spira in an extremely extravagant ceremony and reception fit for royals. Also during that time, she'd resumed her training with Cameron. His style was different than her father's but she was still able to progress quickly through her dedication and drive. Her father's teachings were not in vain, and she was determined to prove it.

Also over the years, she worked with her husband in Security. The title was meaningless to her, but the work was a great test of her skills. And she enjoyed it. She also found great joy in raising their children, Castor, the next heir of Tapani, and Isabella, named after her grandmother. Crystal tries to remain close with her family, though like any, they have their issues.

When her brother, the King of Tapani fell ill, Crystal stepped in as Princess Regent, and remains in that position now that Lyle has passed on, until her son is of age to take the throne.

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Crystal Carter
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Crystal Carter
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A Glorious Homecoming- House Carter reunites on Procopia. Crystal takes her twin sister as an apprentice and they begin to train.
Monthly Resources RP-A Terror Upon the TSR- The Hutts attack the Imperial Palace.
Meeting of Minds- Policy changes discussed for the Sith Remnant
Gathering Storm- Position changes within the Sith Remnant
Nightmare on Velmor-Zombie's Attack!- Brief Appearance at a social event.
Move Along- Cameron Centurion coronated as the new Emperor of the Sith Remnant.                            
Reach for the Past- The entourage of Sith travel to the Byss System to investigate the remains of Emperor Palpatine's Citadel prior to returning to Coruscant.

Predicament on Procopia-King  Lyle IV has passed away, and next in line William is awol. Crystal is appointed as Princess Regent. Her son Castor is eliminated by Cameron for his utter stupidity.


It Seems We've Come Full Circle- Cameron returns from the dead and pledges not to abandon the family again.
Slaughter Pact- Crystal negotiates with the Emperor on behalf of KDY
Let's Make it a Night-  Crystal reunites with Cameron, and meets his bastard son Diomedes. He is insolent, and she vows to kill him. She also learns of further infidelity on her husband's part.
A Change of Scenery- Crystal hires Warren Peace to paint her portrait, and seduces the artist.
Reunited and It Feels So Good- Crystal relocates to Coruscant with Cameron and her daughter Isabella.
First Steps- The Sith attack Alderaan.
Challenge Accepted- Crystal is lead to Endelaan by Isabella to confront and kill Diomedes. Isabella is killed as well.
Dinner for Two- Crystal returns to Coruscant and has dinner with Cameron. It is the last they share, as he leaves her later that evening.
Change in the Wind

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