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Drakon Loashar
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-Name-[/b] Drakon Loashar

Bounty Hunter






Drakon has wavy brown hair, with natural auburn highlights, and it stops a few inches past her shoulders. Her eyes are dark brown in color; they look almost black in the right light. Drakon keeps herself in shape and it shows. She has a muscular frame, but she doesn’t over do it. To add to her nicely toned frame is a light tan. The tan added to her physique gives her the look of an Amazon.

She generally wears little armor, even though it’s ill advised for her to do so in her profession. Her wardrobe is simple: a tank top, low-rise pants, boots, a bracer on her left arm, a gauntlet of sorts on her right arm, her quiver, and her holster which holds her bow in its collapsed form and a blaster. The gauntlet on her right arm actually has a hidden blade inside and her left boot also has a hidden blade in the toe. The blades are released when she twists her wrist a certain way or slams her foot down a certain way. The blades are several inches long and very sharp, makes for a nice surprise for her enemies. The only purpose for the bracer on her left arm is for protection against the string of her bow and her quiver is strapped to her back for easy access to her arrows.

-Distinguishing marks-  [/b]

-Homeworld- [/b]Corellia


Mina Loashar - Mother (deceased)

Aiden Loashar - Father (alive)


Drakon is a kind person, often times going out of her way to help others. She follows her heart, much to her heads dismay. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family. Most bounty hunters don’t have any friends, you can’t get stabbed in the back that way because the life of a bounty hunter isn’t easy, but then Drakon isn’t your average bounty hunter. She will go to the ends of the galaxy for those she cares about.

Overall she is a happy individual. She isn’t happy about how the galaxy is being run by the Sith, but there is nothing she can do about that. So she lives her life as best she can. She loves what she does and that’s what keeps her going, the thrill of the hunt. She is happiest when on the trail of a particularly dangerous bounty.

Drakon is a tough individual. She doesn’t take shit from anyone, no matter how big they are. She doesn’t back down from a fight, ever. She is cocky, but not overly so. She knows she is a skilled mechanic and one of the best bounty hunters because she only hunts down the galaxies toughest bounties, but her cockiness truly shows when it comes to weapons. It wasn’t until Drakon became a bounty hunter that her passion for creating weapons was born.


Drakon was born and raised on a small farm. She was an only child and life was tough for young Drakon; named for the son her father wished she had been. At a young age Drakon's mother passed away and while Drakon misses her mother, she barely remembers her so the pain isn’t so bad. For a long time it was just Drakon and her father, working day and night, abuse from her father always present. As time went by Drakon was learning to hate her life on the farm more and more, until one night she decided that she would find a way to escape her father and have a more meaningful life.

Drakon dreamed of leaving the farm behind, of traveling the galaxy, but she had no way of doing so. The only ship the family owned was a broken down Dynamic, it had been in the family for several years, but hadn't run in almost as long. Deciding it was worth a shot Drakon spent all her free time working on the ship, taking what little money she earned in town doing odd jobs to repair the ship. Some how, some way, Drakon managed to repair the old ship, giving it new life and a new name. With the Phoenix up and running Drakon left her abusive father behind, setting out to make a name for herself in the galaxy. Now some years later Drakon is one of the best known bounty hunters around.


Drakon  is good with a blaster, but she is even better with her bow and specially made arrows. She is somewhat of a weapons genius, having made a weapon of her own unlike any other in the galaxy. She doesn’t market her weapon ideas, however. When it comes to fighting Drakon is tough for a girl. She can hold her own against most and while other people use brute strength Drakon uses her head. She can take down the biggest adversary by using his own size against him. Drakon has gotten out of more trouble by using her head. She is a skilled pilot and skilled mechanic, but with her ship she has to be. By all rights her ship shouldn’t even run anymore, it’s as old as space dust, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the galaxy.

[/b]Drakon has a habit of letting her heart run her actions and that does tend to get her into trouble. On top of that she has a hard time backing down from a fight, which isn't always in her best interests either, but do you wanna be the one to tell her that?
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Drakon Loashar
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