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The deWinter Family
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IC: The deWinter history is mostly unknown, having been lost in the pages of history. All that is known, though the tales of those who are still alive, is that the parents of Shery and Jonathan were Tatooine slaves up until the night Shery murdered them in their sleep. But the family's real tale begins several years ago, when Jonathan deWinter decided to rape his sister, Shery deWinter, which sprouted the birth of Brumhilda deWinter, their incestuous daughter. And the rest... Can be located almost everywhere

OOC: The deWinter is relatively new to the list of SW-RPG-verses of families. Although Shery was initially written around 2001-2002, Jonathan in 2004 and Brumhilda in 2005, the actual boost and growing number of writers for the family didn't begin until 2009. The family is currently experiencing a major baby boom and one can only hope this will continue for a long time to come

The deWinter family currently splits into three branches.
  • Shery's Branch - This branch currently includes Shery herself and her children (in chronological order): Nameless son (deceased), Morgaine, Alistair, Cordelia, Nessarose.
  • The Mud Babies - Jonathan's children, always broth forth through the raping of their mothers, no two share the same one. In chronological order: Caligular, Merlin, Arachne, Natalie.
  • The Special Branch - Brumhilda and her future children. It was decided to give her her own branch since she is the only 'pure blooded deWinter'. She has no offspring at the moment.
The deWinter family tree, including pictures, can be found here.

Joining the deWinter family
To join the family, please send a pm to Shery deWinter, or catch up with her through chat or AIM (SherydeWinter). The deWinter family has nothing that is a commonly shared portrait; anyone can be anything, and on an OOC level, we pride on being dysfunctional, with many members hating each other for various reasons. You can find more information on our OOC board, the deWinter Board. However, before you decide to join, please note that the deWinter family does have several rules when it comes to producing offspring:
  • Any female born to a deWinter (regardless of whether  it is a biological deWinter or an in-law) must carry the name of deWinter. For a male offspring, the parents may decide on the last name.
  • When a deWinter woman marries, she does not take her spouse's last name, nor does she add it to hers. The spouse may choose whether s/he would keep their own name or become a deWinter.
  • All deWinters are force sensitive. This does not limit them to being either Jedi or Sith, but it does give them the opportunity to become either, or none.
  • If a male is born to a deWinter and said male does NOT carry the name - his future offspring are exempt as well (male and female alike).
And that's it!
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