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Morrigan Corven
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Name:  Morrigan Corven
Age:  112
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Coruscant
Homeworld:  Coruscant
Race:  Garhoon

Legal Status:  Single
Living Situation:  Corven Tower; Coruscant -and- The Hawkbat and Vornskr; Coruscant Underworld
Occupation:  Mercenary Leader; Captain of Morrigan's Raiders

Affiliation:  The Corven Family, The Criminal Underworld
Rank:  Apprentice

Physical Stats
Avatar:  Tamara Gorski
Weight:  126 lbs.
Height:  5'6"
Hair:  Red
Eyes:  Blue

Possessions:  Modified personal clothing consisting mainly of a black leather jacket, a black shirt, leather pants, and black leather boots; fibers of Ultrachrome were woven into the clothing when each item was made, for added defense.  A single vibrosaw, a quartet of vibroknives, and a single Tof Soren "Cracker" Slugthrower Pistol.

Skills:  Morrigan is well trained and moderately skilled in the use of vibroknives and her vibrosaw, making her a dangerous foe in melee combat.  Her skills with a slugthrower are not nearly as well-developed as those with vibroweapons, but she is skilled enough to use it in close combat; she often dual-wields her Cracker slugthrower in her left hand, in conjunction with one of her vibroknives, in her right.  She is an able enough pilot, but she prefers to leave it to other individuals.  She can speak and understand Galactic Basic, can understand Huttese and Rodian, and knows enough of a half dozen other languages to be able to swear fluently in them.  For anything else, there's a vibrosaw.

Vehicles Owned:  A single Quickfire speeder bike.

Starships Owned:  A single Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttle.

Property Owned:  Corven Tower; Coruscant -and- The Hawkbat and Vornskr; Coruscant Underworld

Dek - Yuzzem soldier
Kreetle - Geonosian scout
Saper - Lepi soldier
Tameri - Zeltron tech specialist
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Morrigan Corven
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