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Name:  TK-320
Race:  Human
Affiliation: New Sith Empire
Age:  20
Height:  6'2"
Weight:  200 lbs.
Homeworld: Kamino
Marital Status:  Single

History: Born in a non-traditional manner like Clone troopers of old, TK is among the first batch churned out recently to bolster the New Sith Empire's ranks following heavy losses due to War. TK is number 320 out of 500 special units set for duty wherever the Empire needs them the most. As a result, the Clones that were among his line were programmed with various subroutines, and artificially augmented with implants that increased their body's healing factor and deadened many parts of their nervous system, making them nearly oblivious to pain.
Personality: Stoic in nature, fiercely loyal to those that earn his trust.
Possessions: One set regulation stormtrooper armor. One DC-15 Rifle.
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