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Corrax Talrus
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Full Name:  Corrax Talrus
Gender:  Male
Birthplace:  Fellon, Halmad
Affiliation:  Alliance

Personal Skills:
-   Fluent in Galactic Standard Basic as well as Twi’lek
-   Corrax has been piloting since he was a child, and is regarded as a hot hand
-   With piloting comes the necessity of mechanical work, so Corrax has learned enough to be able to get by
-   Spending time with a rag-tag group of fighter jocks, games of chance such as Sabacc and Dejarik are an essential, so he has a knack for gambling
-   He is a better than average shot with a blaster pistol

Personality Development:
Before leaving his homeworld, Corrax pretty well lived the perfect life.   He grew up in a middle-class home, and – apart from little skirmishes here and there - had no problems with the authorities.   Still, he had bigger dreams than Halmad could offer.   His father owned a small on-world transport company, which allowed Corrax the opportunity to learn piloting skills.   As a child, Corrax would fly with his father every chance that he had.   When he was 18, he was noticed as a decent pilot by the leader of a mercenary squadron known as the Drunkards[/i].   Flying escort for a shipping conglomerate known as Antarian Transport, the Drunkards[/i] offered him a slot in the squadron.   Corrax was excited for the opportunity to get away and left against the advice and wishes of his family.   Still a naïve kid, Corrax saw death firsthand for the first time in the loss of several of his squad mates.   Regardless of the deaths of his friends, Corrax still considers himself to be invulnerable, thinking that he is untouchable when it comes to danger.   He is kind, but still incredibly cocky.   He has a desire to do the right thing and typically has no issue with authority.   He is, however, somewhat of a prankster and always enjoys a good laugh.

Avatar:   Dominic Monaghan
Height:   5’11”
Weight:   165
Hair Color:   Dirty blonde
Eye Color:   Green
Build:   Muscular, yet slim
Distinguishing Marks:   Corrax has a six inch scar on the back of his left shoulder, inflicted by a Barabel in a bar fight started by one of his squad mates

Parents:   Ords & Tyv Talrus
Brother:   Orren Talrus
Known Associates:   Kiratta Reese, ex-squad mate from the Drunkards


Age:  0  Corrax is born in Fellon, on Halmad
Age:   5  – Begins flying some with his father
Age:   8  – Begins formal pilot training
Age: 14 – As a prank, Corrax and some friends steal a small skiff and nearly get shot down by the Halmad Defense Force
Age: 18 – Corrax is picked up by the Drunkards[/i], and leaves Halmad
Age: 19 – Corrax loses his first squadron mate and wingman, looks to a Twi’lek woman in his squad named Venarra for comfort and begins a relationship – begins to learn
Age: 20 – In a skirmish with pirates, Venarra is killed
Age: 21 – The Drunkards[/i] are nearly completely destroyed, with the exception of himself and Kiratta Reese who seek refuge on Dantooine – capital of the Alliance
Age: 22 - Corrax founds Shrike Squadron, the Alliance's elite fighter squadron
Age: 24 - Kiratta Reese is killed in the Alliance's defeat at Dantooine, Corrax nearly dies but finds himself on Eriadu leading the resistance forces (unsuccessfully)
Age: 25 - Corrax finds himself as Supreme Commander of the Alliance in the wake of the destruction of nearly the entire officer corps, inheriting a battle on Firrerre
Age: 25 - Corrax leads from the background in a campaign to diplomatically annex Bakura into the Alliance
Age: 26 - Before the Bakuran mission is completed, Corrax resigns his commission as supreme commander, taking instead the rank of General, and goes to the outer rim
      without the Shrikes
Age: 26 - Corrax returns to the core and joins in on the Mon Cal campaign

Shrike Squadron Members:
Shrike One   -   General Corrax Talrus;[/b] Human maleShrike Two   -   Lieutenant Alexandra Russo; [/b]Human femaleShrike Three   -   Flight Corporal Ksar;[/b] Nikto maleShrike Four   -   [/b]Flight Sargeant Lauren Roosh;[/b] Human femaleShrike Five   -   Flight Commander Gratar Prot; [/b]Human maleShrike Six      -   Flight Corporal Nomi Isod; [/b]Human femaleShrike Seven   -   Flight Lieutenant Eeryyn Goorl; [/b]Gand maleShrike Eight   -   Lieutenant Timmser Siin; [/b]Duro femaleShrike Nine   -   Lieutenant-Commander Vele Tyb'os; [/b]Twi'lek femaleShrike Ten   -   Flight Corporal Fenn Anor; [/b]Human maleShrike Eleven   -   Flight Lieutenant Tyla Sage; [/b]Human femaleShrike Twelve   -   Flight Corporal Elias Oldin; [/b]Human male
Deceased Shrikes:
Ares Tinto (Human male)Krank Hauser (Human male)Rev Nya'Tyn (Twi'lek female)Griel Habna (Trandoshan male)Plorrs Kaggiis (Duro female)Kiratta Reese (Human Female)Garb (Nikto male)Ak-Gaz (Weequay male)
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Corrax Talrus
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