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Lana Saeran (WIP)
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Player: Sedona/Endellion/Lil

Current Used Name: Lana Saeran
Lana has changed names so many times in her life that she does not consider any name to be her own. She has also gone by the names Svera Lightheart, Jasmine Galavano, Marlon Hanover, and Thier Berwitch.
Species: Near-Human (Half Firrerreo, Half Nish)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Marital status: Single, and not looking

Mother: Marie Valesano-Saeran
Father: Connor Saeran
Twin (older by 5 minutes): Selene Saeran

Avatar: Jessica Alba
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130
Due to the nature of her work, all aspects of her physical appearance are subject to change. Naturally, she has long, straight, deep auburn hair with grey eyes and a golden hue to her skin. However, she is constantly altering any aspect of her appearance that modern science allows. Two looks she often assumes are: 1) a light skinned with blonde hair and deep brown eyes, 2) a caramel skinned woman with black or dark brown hair and deep brown eyes, and 3) a lightly tanned skin with medium brunette and lightly brown or green eyes.

(Unofficial) Affiliation: NSE
Rank: Consultant (AKA Deniable Covert Operative, or DCO)
Who pays her bills: Foxtrot Corporations
In reality, Lana is what's often referred to as a “Spook”. The NSE contracts out to Foxtrot for operatives that technically cannot be tied back to the Empire. In this method, they can use the operatives to do the dirty work that they want deniability for.



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Lana Saeran (WIP)
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