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Jack Satriani
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Full Name: Jack Satriani
Alias: Ethan McManus, The Assassin
Gender: Male
Birthworld: Telos IV
Legal  Status: Single, Presumed dead, Holds citizenship on Coruscant as Ethan McManus
Living  Situation: Numerous safehouses on Coruscant

Freelance Assassin/Vigilante
Affiliation: The Criminal Underworld

Personal Skills:

-He is  fluent in Galactic Basic, Bocce, Huttese. He can also understand Binary to a certain degree.
-Possesses an above average intellect and has a good grasp of tactics, strategy and Logistics.
-He  has a vast knowledge of weapons including handguns, assault weapons, shotguns and many forms of knives and swords.
-He has mastered Parkour (Art of Movement), and was trained in a hybrid martial art of Teras Kasi and Hijkata
-He was trained from childhood to be an assassin, and is a master of stealth, and assassination.


Raised to believe in the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. He was trained in both mind and body to master his environment and dispatch justice on the corrupt and evil side of humanity. Uncompromising, incorruptible, he rights the wrongs set on people by the over bearing megalomaniacs in the galaxy and removing them with lethal efficiency. Truth and Justice are words that come to mind as his set of values and realizes that the nesscary evil must be performed in order for peace and prosperity to reign   

Physical  Stats
Avatar: Sean Patrick Flanery
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 175 pounds
Hair Color:  Blondish Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Other: He has a lean athletic build of a world class acrobat.

Known Family:
Significant Other:

General Appearance:

His hair is blondish brown, and is usually short in length. He has traces of a goatee in a blondish brown color that are neatly trimmed. His  eyes are a blue color but range in shade depending on the light.


Clothes- Assorted high end suits, long coats and training wear


Age: 0- Jack Satriani is born

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Jack Satriani
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added to bio list