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Dhagon Skiyus
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Name : Dhagon Skiyus
Birth name : Dhagon Selran
Age : 24
Race :
Homeworld :  Corulag
Living Status : Single
Affiliation : Himself,  Black Sun Syndicate
Occupation : Pirate
Rank : Captain
Last Known Location : Unknown
History :  Born on Corulag to immigrant parents, Dhagon had very litte early on in  life. It was not until he was older that he was sold into slavery by his own Father after his mother's suspicious death. It was a known fact that Dhagon's father spent much of his fortune on the swoop track, often  leaving it with very little. As a slave, Dhagon was forced to work long  hours on his master's swoop racer. During this time, he learned much about their construction, and even modified it himself. At the age of 14, he decided that enough was enough and rigged the pod's power converter to overload when the throttle was opened fully. This plan set into motion led to the death of a fellow slave. Following this, Dhagon's  part in the act was soon found out. Before he could be punished, he was  sold to a passing merchant. Thus, his period of slavery continued. Four  years later, pirates attacked his new owner's vessel while en route to Coruscant. He fought off the pirates as best as he could, but his owner was still slain by the pirate captain, who adopted Dhagon as his son, and changed his last name to Skiyus.

Personal Vessel

"Royal Dutchman"

YU-410 Light Freighter

Technical specifications
44 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere)    
800 km/h
Hyperdrive rating
 Class 2.0
      Backup Class 12
Navigation system
Double laser cannon turrets (4)
(Min. Crew - 1)
Cargo capacity
250 metric tons
2 months
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Dhagon Skiyus
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