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Introductions / A Horse! A Horse! My Return For a Horse!
« Last post by Salvator LaRoi on 01/13/16 20:49:58 »
Hello again.

*cue impish grins and stock lightning sound effect*
The Galaxy / Re: Aftermath (Open)
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 01/13/16 20:19:25 »
Cameron's highly circumstantial visit to Naboo seemed to have taken quite the sinful turn.  As the pair of Sith engaged in desires held at bay with no small amount of willpower and control for decades, it was ever certain that not even the turning of violence and torture rippling across the surface of Naboo could divert their attentions.  This was, of course, not an unusual reality.  Cameron and Anesia had stood on the precipice of major galactic change countless times before.  There was a time, in fact, when they had stood together as equals, allies.

However, that time had faded into memory as lives took their own independent directions.  Cameron, a pure warrior at heart, had taken it upon himself to dabble in the world of politics and leadership for a time...a long time, even.  Anesia had always been more of a free spirit, doing only that which pleased her.  She was quite clearly still the very same.  Cameron, on the other hand, had endured the boring, droll experiences of life all in the name of some enigmatic greater purpose.

It had been quite some time since he last cared to such an extent.  In his life now there were only two things that mattered, nay three, but the two intangibles were the guiding principles of his life.



Had he been a central figure of the nuclear war that engulfed the galaxy?  That was the wrong question.  The right question was...why did could no one be certain what his role had been, public figure that he was?

Present engagements, of course, did not leave room for such thoughts to drift through the Sith Lord's mind.  In the moment he was merely a creature of lust.  As Anesia's body quivered and heaved subtly on the road to completion, Cameron heard the gentle call of his name.  As the sweet sensation of his present position increased considerably, the dark-skinned Corstris native allowed his lips to travel briefly to Anesia's inner thigh.  A measured progress was made up the right side of her body until his tongue and mouth lingered over the nipple of the woman's right breast.

Just as Cameron's right hand slipped over the fabric of Anesia's corset, the physical manifestation of his own desire lightly prodded Anesia's soft, sensitive skin.  As his hand pulled back the fabric of the woman's corset to expose the nipple of her breast, the Sith Lord smoothly allowed himself to slide forward continuously until no space separated their respective pelvic regions.  A muffled moan escaped Cameron's lips as they suckled firmly on the recently exposed area of her bosom.

And then...power seemingly fought to equal pleasure in every deep, fluid, movement of his body.
You'd have to get Nessa to verify the type of vessels, but TSP currently has 10 vessels in the 500-1000m range.

So...probably not much in the way of a proper warship for the purposes of invasion.  However, if you'd like, you can of course feel free to start a thread designing/producing a number commensurate with the production rules. 

Assuming Nessa approves it, of course.
Introductions / Re: I'm home
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 01/13/16 14:38:58 »
Nah just retire.

The Space Monkey Cafe / Re: Chat quotes that make you rofl
« Last post by Serinn Sarkin on 01/12/16 19:38:43 »
In voice, via Google Hangouts, we're both drinking (so any creative errors are to be expected.)

Nick:  Apparently the actor who played Jar-Jar Binks still doesn't like the criticism from fans.  He said "it stings."
Me:  Laughter.
Nick:  Don't play the character!  He should delete the script.  "What am I even doing with my life?  Is this really worth the paycheck?"
Introductions / Re: I'm home
« Last post by Adrianna Fiore on 01/12/16 16:50:16 »
Vacations are nice too.
Introductions / Re: I'm home
« Last post by Lauda Cavataio on 01/12/16 16:36:28 »
Don't retire, take vacations instead!

Welcome back :) *licks*
Introductions / I'm home
« Last post by Adrianna Fiore on 01/12/16 16:35:23 »
Hey guys. I was thinking about retiring from RPing, but I'm not so sure about it now.
She didn't notice it right away but her body began to sway to the music while she listened to Rylan contradict her statement. "But also sweet," Fallon insisted. She also smiled as she spoke. It was a good night so far. Just what she needed. And as far as she was concerned, Ry's return was long overdo. Very much so.

Moving forward, the brunette chuckled. "He wanted it back?" She continued the tale of the suit when what was offered wasn't all that much. Fallon liked stories. And besides, the two of them hadn't talked all that much as to what he'd been up to in the time he'd been gone so it was only natural for her to ask questions.

It didn't take them long to get to the bar with Rylan coming along on her pull quite easily. "Pick something!" She declared when they reached it, leaning up on her toes a little bit to take a good look at what was offered. "Something expensive and good". Obviously, one didn't really mean the other, as the woman had learned through the years.
The Space Monkey Cafe / Re: Whoever posts last wins!!!
« Last post by Anon Nona on 01/05/16 20:31:03 »
Only if you say "Please." ~.^
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