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Introductions / Re: Upcoming LOA
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 06/08/16 21:24:14 »
Kick them!
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 06/08/16 21:20:40 »
They'd stood outside for a mere few moments before Cameron arrived. Elora was absolutely excited, squirming around in her mother's arms, trying to get out of the before her father even showed up. And when he did...

Shery herself almost fell to the ground, child in arms and all. She had not expected the rush of emotions to run through her, not again, not after such a short moment. But she held firmly, smiling as she made no move to keep him from holding their child.

She gazed at the two of them, barely able to form thoughts. It was  cold fog, despite the warmth everywhere else, broken only when she noticied the tear. Knowing better than to comment on it, she remained calm and collected until he finally turned his attention to her.

"Yes," she answered with simplicity, her voice still as deep and rich as it always had been, taking her slightly by surprise after several months of mostly speaking with a toddler.

Wasting little time, Shery closed the gap between her and Cameron, landing her lips on his.

Other things that weren't her or Elora could wait.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/08/16 20:56:13 »
The Infiltrator cut through the relative thin atmosphere of Oba Diah's moon at a velocity that bordered on unsafe.  In less than twenty minutes, the sleek vessel was racing over the plains towards where Cameron had sensed the pair of presences.  During the journey from Corstris, he'd wondered if perhaps this was some sort of...trap.  An enemy from long ago...or a family member from all too recently playing tricks on his mind.  Had that been the result, the Sith Lord was fully prepared to destroy the entire system and subjugate any that managed to live under his will.  In fact.  He might well still do such.  However, Oba Diah held no real interest for Cameron, save the two of the people currently occupying the system. 

Following a quick landing sequence, the loading ramp to the Infiltrator lowered amid soft hissing from the steam actuators in the landing struts.  Swiftly, the figure of Cameron Centurion emerged, wearing a simple black and silver overcoat over his tattooed, exposed upper body.  Silver-green eyes cut across the distance and it forced a pause in the Sith Lord's progression.  For the moment, his gaze was leveled solely on Shery.  A number of emotions swirled inside of him, but he stubbornly choked them back and shifted his attention to his pride and joy.

The smile that spread across the Sith Lord's lips could not have been described as anything short of pure, unadulterated joy.  Cameron made a motion like he was about to break out in a run, but in a flash he was directly in front of the pair, seizing the little girl into his arms after a slight toss into the air.  The sounds of her giggles filling the air did what...nobody had seen from him in ages.  A single tear rolled down Cameron's cheek as he held Elora close to him.

Eventually, an almost impassive gaze raised to Shery's own emerald eyes.  Still...there was obviously a sense of relief at seeing her safe, despite his frustrations.  "Seriously?"
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 06/08/16 20:39:40 »
She'd almost dropped her own child from her hands. The Sith Mistress gasped, placing Elora gently on the ground where she could be surrounded by her toys, and leaned against the wall, forehead pressed to it to try to cool the fever that shot through her.

That... had never happened before. For hours, nearly all of the existence had been silenced. She'd tried to reach out with the Force, to understand what was happening, yet there was nothing. For those few hours, she truly was all alone with her daughter on a forgotten moon. For a few hours, the only thing that had kept her from utter panic was her training. The stress had been there, all too strong. But she had remained calmed and collected in appearance, even when there was no one to keep an appearance for.

And now it all came rushing in, blowing through her body like a heatwave, and she could see the Great Web in front of her eyes, almost tangible enough to touch with her hands.

She took a few deep breaths, demanding her mind to focus before the corners of her mouth turned into a little wicked smile.

"Elora," she said, turning around to the child, "your father will be here soon."

Whatever heart she had left in her, it melted as the toddler understood the words and screamed with joy, slapping the ground.

Shery went to her bedroom. She had cleared her wardrobe on the yacht long ago, transferring her clothes to where they were more attainable. There were... A great many things that had to be discussed with Cameron. Some of them, she knew, she should have discussed with him prior to her most recent vanishing. And some... Well. She ignored the ache that came along with it. Theirs had been a special bond that only a few could ever understand, and she longed to have him near her, even in the current circumstances. And more than all... No, nevermind.

Both mother and daughter were cleaned and properly dressed before Cameron's arrival; Shery in a green gown, and Elora in a pale pink.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/08/16 20:25:17 »
Three Days Later

The Eclipse-class Star Dreadnaught Praetor reverted to real space along with its numerous escorts near the center of the Oba Diah system.  Standing on the bridge of the vessel with his hands clasped behind his back, the Sith Lord listened to numerous reports filtering in from Shadow Force officers that crewed the former Imperial vessel.

"Captain.  Several contacts, varied design and composition."


"Unknown - appears to be mostly merchants."

Cameron knew of the former uses of the Oba Diah system.  It had been a stronghold for a former criminal syndicate that basically dealt in spice from the mines of Kessel.  He had no idea who operated out of this system now, but he knew it didn't matter in the slightest.  "Captain."

The Captain looked up from the tactical display.  "Yes, Mi'lord?"

"Destroy them."

"My Lord...?"

"All of them."

The command deck seemed to fall completely silent for a but a moment before the Captain and his officers began barking orders to various stations.  Overhead, the sounds of klaxons commanding the crew to general quarters and pilots to their ships began sounding.  With a completely impassive expression, as if nothing was registering on his mind, the Sith Lord turned and swiftly exited the command deck.  In a matter of minutes, he stepped out of his personal lift onto the polished deck of his personal hangar and made his way to his Sith Infiltrator.

As the Infiltrator darted out into space, Cameron could feel the presences of Shery and Elora stronger than ever.  The sensation that brushed against this child was nurturing, loving.  The sensation that brushed against Shery was a bit less...refined, containing the sum quantities of all of his emotions for her.  Irritation, confusion, more irritation, concern, and an undeniably firm undercurrent of simple love.  To be sure, the Sith Lord was not purposefully conveying the last bit, it was merely something he could not turn off that would always exist...had always existed.

He just didn't even know it himself until recently.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 06/08/16 19:43:56 »
Icy tentacles moved about the entrance to the little room within the house. The Sith Mistress touched them, allowing the coldness to send shivers down her spine. She had not ordered them or crafted them. No one had. And while she had a few speculations as to how they formed, she had little hesitation as to how to approach them. Balls of mud and earth rose from the floor, spinning around the woman at blurring speeds before she sent them forward, smashing the tendrils and sending them to the floor.

Her emerald eyes blinked as she realized it would not suffice. Even on the ground, they resumed to move, like glassy slugs, though it did not appear they meant to cause intentional harm. Still, it would not do. With a sigh, she focused her efforts back to the ground. Goodbye, my little ones, she thought as the ground swallowed the whole, sending the deeper and deeper below. How much exactly, she could not assess. Her focus was slipping, and she found her mind wandering to other places.

The most immediate of them being the room next door, where her daughter had just woken up.

It was hard to disappear when you were a mother. No matter what she went through, Elora was simply too young to simply leave behind. She had not expected to actually want the child, not after the circumstances of her being conceived, not after she had thought she had done bringing children and raising them in this 'verse. Yet her little bundle of darkness would never feel those distant memories, not upon her flesh and not upon her soul. It was a thing, considering both of the child's bloodlines, she simply did. Perhaps out of luck, perhaps out of inheritance - no one could actually ignore or not want them around.

Picking the child up in her arms, she planted a kiss on her temple.

"You shall be safe again very soon," she whispered, before humming a good morning song, and opening dry food that had been stored on her yacht for months such as these.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/08/16 12:58:44 »
The swirl of crimson in the dark chamber ceased abruptly as Cameron stopped mid-stroke in his twice-daily routine of training.  The Force often spoke to him, from whispers to outright screams.  Across the expanse, there were lives that mattered not at all and lives that were the only thing he truly cared for outside of his own power and control.

For the last...  Well, the Sith Lord could not even remember precisely how long it had been now.  How long had it been since he heard the comforting giggle of his youngest child or even so much as felt her presence brushing against his own?  Similarly, the child's mother, whom Cameron was fond of beyond a measure he'd ever been able to admit to her directly, was also gone.  If the Sith Lord had drawn any form of contentment from the situation, it had been the self-made illusion that they were together, unharmed.

Various delights had run through Cameron's tastes in the interim.  Most of said delights had been mere distractions, a way to delay the inevitable drift of his mind to the two most treasured items he'd ever had and subsequently lost.  So why the rush of emotions now?  Simple.  The sensation which he'd longed for until he'd forced himself to ignore said longing...had returned.  From across the far reaches of the galaxy, he could feel her, them.

Sheathing his weapon, Cameron stood motionless for a moment, the beating of his heart increasing steadily with his breathing.  The quickening of his pace was not one of excitement but of anger, unbridled rage that threatened to consume the entirety of his mountain retreat on Corstris.  In that moment he realized it was excitement...for what was more exciting to the Sith Lord than the knowledge he would soon exact his irritation on the principal cause.

In a flash, Cameron was gone from the training room.  The aura of the dark side around him became almost visible as light seemed to bend away from his body.  At present, it had no place in the Sith Lord's sweeping presence.
The Galaxy / Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 06/08/16 12:41:53 »

That was what she had been after. Still, she had not expected to find it on the moon of Oba Diah, somewhere in the Outer Rim. Her escapes had always been more distant, located and hidden somewhere in the Unknown Territories, on planets that had never even received a name. The terrain was not to her liking. The moon was a desert, reminding her too often of her birthplace.

And what did this solitude provide her, away from any and all that up until several days ago, were denied the means of finding her.


And so it was months after her disappearance that she no longer concealed herself within the Force. About her ship's beacons, there was little she could do. Once her pilot had violently disabled any means of locating or contacting the yacht, she had snuffed his life out, and lacking the knowledge herself, there was nothing she could do or wanted to do in order to repair it.

But change was coming. The Sith Mistress knew it. The ice that decorated the little house she had built with the Force was beginning to melt. Her tarot cards, once used when she felt merely felt like putting on a show, had become something she increasingly used. No, to say change was coming, would be an understatement.

Soon, she knew, would be the tipping point from which she could no longer return.

And for the first time in her extended life, Shery deWinter truly feared something.
The Galaxy / Prelude
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/05/16 15:30:07 »
Eclipse Star Dreadnaught Praetor
Transitory Mists, Hapes Cluster

Cameron was in his expansive stateroom onboard the Praetor when the Eclipse-class Star Dreadnaught and its escorts arrived in the Hapes Cluster, just outside the Transitory Mists.  Due to the nature of the Mists, the Praetor and her two escorts could not transit through to the cluster proper without one of the precise safe routes being programmed into the navicomputer.  Though Hapes had long since abandoned its mostly isolationist ways, Cameron preferred to keep knowledge of the routes strictly confidential.  The sound of his call buzzer ringing highlighted the arrival he'd felt of his apprentice.  With a wave of his hand, the Sith Lord opened the heavy doors.  "Crixus."

A figure wrapped in a black cloak adorned with a very specific coat of arms on either of the sleeves swept into the room and immediately dropped to a kneel.  "Lord Illuminus.  We have arrived, and your vessel has been prepared."

The Sith Lord finished reviewing the flimsis arrayed before him prior to responding to his apprentice.  "Very well.  What of Admiral H'shiro?"

"Recent reports have confirmed him to be in possession of a sizable chunk of the rogue assets.  Our contacts indicate that he makes infrequent port visits, never in the same place, and never with his full force.  They claim the vessels have even been...repainted to appear in the service of a strictly civilian operation."

Cameron's silver-green gaze looked up to regard the man that was still knelt before him.  "Oh?  How can they be so certain it isn't merely a civilian organization.  With the state of the galaxy, it is certainly possible.  Besides, our intelligence does not indicate H'shiro having command of any of the newer technologies."  The Sith Lord's questions was, of course, rhetorical.  "Still.  A repaint job of that scope would have taken time and a great deal of money.  That's a tough paper trail to disguise."  Standing from his seat, Cameron went to retrieve his high-collared black and silver overcoat.  After pulling on the fine fabric, he returned his gaze to Crixus.  "Depart immediately to deal with this personally, my apprentice.  Utilize our underground network as much as possible, I do not want H'shiro to so much as catch a scent of former Imperial involvement."

"As you command, My Lord."

Giving his apprentice a final nod, Cameron swept out of his chambers and entered the corridor.  No guards followed him - the Sith Lord had given up the useless trappings of such illusions.  There was no need for a status symbol to surround him.  Officially, the Empire was no more.  More was an empty gesture that he did not need.  The galaxy had been prepared as planned.  In due time, it would be reshaped into something that the Empire of Infinite Darkness could never have hoped to achieve.

Fountain Palace, Hapes
Two Hours Later

The sleek Sith Infiltrator cut through the Hapan skies after being granted permission to land by Hapan Defense Command, a formality he entertained for the time being.  Following a very direct approach to the appointed landing pad at the Fountain Palace, the Infiltrator's loading ramp extended amidst the soft hiss of steam actuators.  Moments later, the figure of Cameron Centurion emerged, allowing his silver-green gaze to adjust to the intensity of light on Hapes as he scanned for the individual he had come to visit.

Given the fact that the holonet was still inoperable, there had been no way to send advance notice to the Crown Princess of Hapes.  It was no matter - Kristin Cavataio would have undoubtedly been informed of Cameron's presence in the system over an hour ago.  The Sith Lord had much to discuss with the young Princess.
The Galaxy / Re: Aftermath (Open)
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 05/21/16 06:55:34 »
Cameron's hand squeeze Anesia's breast firmly as his opposing clung to her toned midsection.  With the increase of intensity in each passing stroke, the Sith Lord attempted to pull his partner harder into the joining of their bodies.  Soft moans steadily gave way to guttural grunts of pleasure laced with an exhaustion; the type of exhaustion that only made one vie for more time.

However, the inevitable approached steadily as Cameron's own manhood stiffened even harder, preparing to release the pleasure and tension that had built up in his body throughout the interaction of the two Sith.  As the Sith Lord's grunts gave way to airy breaths of steadily building pleasure, Cameron clung tightly to Anesia as he attempted to force himself as deep inside of her as possible.

As if a dam had been broken, fluid erupted from his member, but Cameron maintained his steady pace.  Intense shivers radiated up his spine as his sensitivity was pushed almost to the breaking point.  After several more strokes, Cameron eventually allowed his motions to begin to taper.  Selfishly, he refused to remove himself from the woman as he bent her upper body back towards him to nip passionately at her neck.
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