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The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 06/10/16 18:06:11 »
She didn't need the Force to know he followed. His mere presence, even without her looking, was more than enough for her to know that he was no longer laying asleep on the floor. Shery stood a few moments by the crib, her eyes closed, her back turned to Cameron. His resurfacing desires were not concealed. Rarely were they from one another. Her body reacted to them, answering with the very same call and she softly gasped.

Turning around, the desire burned upon her face. What it was she'd wanted to talk about could most definitely wait just a little bit longer. With a smile, she walked to him, her hips swaying from side to side beneath the gown she still wore. Within a few breaths she had already pressed her body against him, her hands running along the exposed skin of his body, wanting and needing more than what it currently offered.

No words were needed as they left the room, and no time would be wasted on making it to her private bedroom.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/10/16 17:59:17 »
Cameron didn't move an inch as Shery gingerly pulled Elora from his grasp.  The steady rise and fall of his chest accompanied the soft rhythm of even breathing for perhaps a good few seconds after Shery had departed the room to place Elora back into her crib.  Elora's crib had interesting specimen since before the child was even born.  In many ways it seemed to have a mind and personality all its own, interacting rather consistently with the child it kept safe.

However, it was the shifting of presences that eventually pulled the Sith Lord from his slumber.  As his eyelids shot upward, Cameron bolted upright, momentarily wondering if it had all been a dream.  The notion was quickly dismissed as the familiar presences touched his now-conscious mind.  Exhaling softly, the Corstris native came to his feet and quietly padded in Shery and Elora's direction.  The home was small, so it took but a moment.  Leaning against the wall, Cameron folded his arms across his chest as he allowed his silver-green gaze to fall on Shery once more.  He recalled the ominous nature of their conversation just before she departed to get some rest, but it didn't weigh heavily on his mind at the moment.

No for now there was just...the intense resurfacing of desires he'd thought he had buried.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 06/10/16 17:33:26 »
Her lips formed into a smile as her gaze landed upon Cameron and Elora, deep asleep on the floor. Such moments were fleeting, and although up until several months ago, both she and Cameron had put effort into spending as much time as they could afford, they were severely too few in between.

Silently, she sat herself down next to them, and gently removed the sleeping babe from her father's arms. Elora stirred for a moment, but otherwise resumed her sleep. Shery's instinct to move her to her crib by use of the Force nearly settled itself when she stopped herself mid-motion. With a sigh, she rose to her feet in a smooth motion, and walked instead.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/09/16 04:55:07 »
Cameron and Elora had indeed been busy reacquainting themselves.  As was the case when a parent was separated from their young offspring for extended periods of time, the Sith Lord more or less catered to the young girl's every whim.  Both he and Shery were fortunate that Elora had yet to develop any truly terrible habits.

However, by the time Shery had awoken both father and daughter were completely passed out from exhaustion on the floor.  Cameron hadn't slept very much during the journey from Corstris and Elora...well...she was still a child, after all.  It was undoubtedly an amusing sight, Elora's tiny frame nestled into the crook of Cameron's left arm against his conversely large frame.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 06/09/16 04:49:07 »
Dreams. How she loathed them during times such as these. The Sith Mistress lay in her bed, the blankets wrapped tightly around her, and while she was indeed asleep, there was no rest to be found. A bystander would never recognize the images that ran in her mind as any form of wrong. It had started as always, with the Great Web. Yet unlike most of the time (though more and more often in recent months), the web expanded. She could see it now, all the connections formed on it moving apart, the sense of the web cold and distant, and moving ever so far away.

There was no way to tell the time based on the amount of light coming in through the window.  She had chose a spot for herself and Elora that at all times seemed like slightly just before sundown. It had made sense at the time. Now it seemed to completely not matter.

Slowly, Shery rose out of her bed. She was still wearing the gown she'd put on once she knew Cameron would arrive. She checked the time, noting that it had been three to four hours. If Cameron hadn't put Elora in bed by now, it was high time. Splashing some icy cold water on her face, the Sith Mistress departed the little room, walking quietly as to not potentially disturb whatever Cameron and Elora were in the middle of, her presence against masked within the Force.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/09/16 04:22:43 »
Cameron was...almost eerily silent through the remainder of the exchange outside the home that Shery had constructed for herself and their daughter.  He could sense the weariness in the Sith Mistress, and even as they stepped inside, he found himself silently cursing his own initial reaction to her presence when he'd been on Corstris still.  It could not have been any easy task...caring for herself and Elora all alone these months.  In fact if Cameron was still upset about anything, it was for being left in the dark.  They'd both just...disappeared but not in the way he normally felt death through the Force.

The Corstris native allowed Shery's departing kiss to linger as long as she desired.  While he did not approve of the definitively ominous nature of her statements and actions, he could sense well enough that she certainly did need the rest.  "No rush, Shery.  I'll be here when you're ready."

As the Sith Mistress departed his presence, Cameron returned his attention to Elora.  A communicator somewhere in his pocket began to beep steadily.  The disturbance forced a perturbed look onto the Sith Lord's face as he retrieved the device and crushed it in the palm of his hand.  The palpable aura of death washing over this particular system courtesy of his forces was all the awareness Cameron needed into their...progress.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 06/08/16 22:21:30 »
She made no reply at first when he answered. Her statement had been a cruel one and at horrible timing, she knew. But there were things... Things he did not know, could not have known. And before she could lay her heart bare to him as he had for her, she had to make sure he did know them. And give him the chance to take some of what he'd said back.

She let herself get lost in the touch of his lips against her forehead before letting a murmur out, needing to call on whatever strength she had left to form actual words this time.

"I will once Elora is asleep," she answered, "but she still has some to go before nap time."

At last, she broke their embrace, turning around to face the house she'd built. Unlike the castles, mansions, and penthouses she'd lived in for the majority of her life, this one was... Well, different. For one, there was nothing grand about it. It was a little shack-like house, built mostly out of mud. Yet parts of the mud were covered in ice, frozen as though in time, not dripping despite the desert heat. The appeared at random, like spots on a Dalmatian, with no noticeable pattern to them.

Taking Cameron's hand, she led them inside, which looked much the same, with the exception of a few earth-made seats, Elora's crib which she dragged with her to every corner of universe, and a few doors that led to specific rooms. In the corner of the main entrance hall lay a small table with the Sith Mistress' card laid bare, and a few of Elora's toys were scattered around the area as well.

"It's not much," she admitted before Cameron could say anything about the state of the house. She almost added that it held Elora safe, but... There was nothing to keep her safe from. Not on this moon, "take your time with Elora, she's missed you. I'll need my own rest before we... speak."

Only once the words were out of her mouth did she realize how wrongly they could be interpreted. Turning back to Cameron, she gave him a reassuring smile, and kissed him again. "I love you, Cameron," she whispered into his hear once the kiss broke, and for a moment, stumbled, leaning against him. She truly needed that rest now. And perhaps, now that she could do so without setting her own wards up, it would help her more than the previous few rests she'd had.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/08/16 22:04:02 »
It was the softness of her voice when she spoke his name.  In that precise moment, Cameron was almost certain that whatever was to follow would be...well...not the response he'd imagined.  Then again, the Sith Lord did pride himself in having no expectations out of life or people.  It was easier that way, but it didn't mean he couldn't be honest about his own personal desires, opinions.

As Shery tightened her grip on his body, Cameron allowed a long exhale to work its way out of his system.  The words 'We need to talk' were the worst to hear in any relationship.  Still, in the end of the day, Cameron knew that he and Shery were connected beyond much more than some ancestral interference or simple co-parenting.  Life was cruel to have only revealed the reality after so many decades of proximity without truly being together.

"Well.  Tell me what's on your mind, then."  Silver-green eyes gazed out over the landscape as Cameron's lips rest gently on Shery's forehead for a blissfully exaggerated moment.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 06/08/16 21:53:29 »
The warmth of his exposed body sent shivers through the woman. She moaned into mouth, one arm on his shoulder, the other against his chest. The familiarity of him, his sent, his very presence... She bathed in it,  until he broke the kiss, her legs only slightly weak beneath her.

Healthy... She made no reply to that. What could she say? More than was possible at that very moment. Regardless, it could wait. For now she nearly clung to him, wanting to enjoy and be surrounded by him.

He continued to speak, and she laughed when he put his preference into words. She'd always appreciate the sentiment, though not even for her own children, once they were old enough, had she been capable of it, and it required quite a lot to lessen the amount and severity of the times she did.

Yet when the last bit he spoke...

Shery froze in Cameron's arms, her eyes wide. Not in a million lifetimes would she have thought he would convey it - so simply, so directly. She was not a woman of tears, and at that specific moment, she regretted that. A little bit. Whatever one wanted to call their relationship - it had been long, and steady, and far beyond the initial steps of pure and simply lust, nor was it out of necessity due to their shared offspring.

"Cameron..." she managed to say his name, her voice just above a whisper.

Finding herself in one of those truly rare occasions during which no words would rise to her lips, she leaned forward again, pressing her lips to his shoulder, embracing the free side of his body as tightly as she could.

The dam broke. All that had happened during the previous couple of months rushed back to the surface of her memory. Her suspicions, her fears, her everything. She shuddered, closing her eyes as she forced it all down and deeply inhaled Cameron's scent, building her energies for what was to come.

"We need to talk."
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/08/16 21:32:46 »
Cameron really wanted to give Shery a snarky, verbal retort.  Even when she placed her lips to his own, he'd halfway considered pulling away, but it was a fleeting thought.  His attempts to force himself to be more angry than relieved ebbed away swiftly as he allowed his free arm to encircle the Sith Mistress' waist.  Pulling her body tightly against his own, he allowed the embrace to linger until he slowly broke the kiss. 

Raising his head, the Sith Lord shifted the toddler in his other arm slightly, still holding Shery's gaze.  "Well.  You both seem healthy, at least."  It was the only statement Cameron could think to make.  No, it wasn't the only statement he could think to make, it was merely the most neutral one.  Long had it been since the Sith Lord had even desired to commit himself solely to another.  In hadn't ever happened.  Crystal had been a union of convenience and necessity.  Even when Shery had been betrothed to one of Cameron's best friends, he'd...well...harbored a fondness for her.

"Shery I..."  The Sith Lord paused.  He'd gotten better at dealing with emotions since the birth of Elora, but he'd managed to focus all he had on her.  In truth it had been Shery well before Elora.  "...I mean I'm not saying I was like devastated without you, but I would greatly prefer if you didn't do this again."  Even as he said the words, he knew that he could not change Shery, and he wouldn't even if he could.  Exhaling heavily, Cameron managed a thin smile.  "Fuck it.  Shery, I love you.  Completely and only."

A slight whimper from the toddler in his arms caused the smile on his lips to broaden as he looked at Elora.  "Oh excuse me.  Both of you."  The Sith Lord deposited a soft kiss on his daughter's forehead.
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