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Title: New Path (Open)
Post by: Caid Centurion on 01/17/16 21:21:27
Azure Walk
Anaxes Citadel

Operative Seven walked among the rubble that littered the once revered Azure Walk of the Anaxes Citadel.  Silver-green eyes slid over what remained of magnificent statures and ornate columns.  Though Anaxes had suffered a great deal of military aggression over the decades, it had never really fallen in recent years.  Anaxes itself was, quite literally, a fortress world.  Seven would have liked to see it at the height of its decadence.

The damage that was here now...sure there had been an Imperial incursion onto the planet.  An entire battlegroup had managed to breach the defenses of Anaxes, making use of codes to planetary shielding that Imperial Intelligence had 'acquired'.  At least, that was what The Organization allowed the Imperials to believe.  Even in the wake of recent events, the Council seemed to be unconcerned, pushing forward with routine operations.  There was a brief moment when Seven thought perhaps communications would be affected, but that suggested long-distance communications were ever really relied upon.

In truth, the Organization survived off a network of contacts developed over several decades from what Seven had been told.  Missions were distributed via specifically selected case officers operating out of rotating safehouses, typically hiding in plain sight.  Each datadisc was encoded with a unique identifier for the selected operative - to ensure integrity of information.

It was this method that had brought Seven to Anaxes today.  The dark-skinned operative's train of thought was abruptly interrupted by a sense, a tickle at the back of his neck.  Seven had grown accustom to the sensation, knowing that it almost always preceded an unfortunate event.  Tucking his body towards the ground, Seven rolled behind a piece of marble cover just as he withdrew one of his concealed holdout blasters.

In short order, a cacophony of blaster fire rang throughout the Azure Walk.  It would last for less than a minute before one, large, dark-skinned victor emerged and quickly began effecting a tactical exfil from the area.
Title: Re: New Path (Open)
Post by: Marcello Matteo on 01/19/16 19:37:18

Underground Headquarters
Anaxes Citadel Outskirts

The blonde-haired Jedi Master gazed intently at the display panel.  The basement of the mansion playing host to the Anaxes cell of the Underground was...a little on the crowded side.  Marcello had arrived on the planet roughly a week earlier for an inspection and a series of meetings with planetary leadership.  Since the destabilization and near-complete dissolution of the Republic, many worlds formerly loyal to The Republic Senate had fallen into chaos.  Anaxes, of course, was not one of these planets.  Though most of its military power had been obliterated, a good portion of the population remained intact.

As political figures maneuvered to seize various levels of increased control, Marcello and those like him had left the remnants of the Republic to spread throughout the galaxy, working to help establish some element of order.  The lack of a galactic holonet made that...very difficult.  The solution?  Watchmen like Marcello were dispatched to liaise directly with leadership, bringing them on-board and establishing local cells to aid in preparing them for whatever might come.

For the time being, there seemed to still be no identified cause behind the collapse of the Holonet.  Several of their people had infiltrated remnant forces of the evidence the Empire had been responsible either.  In fact, there was a greater truth that spurred Marcello to abandon the Republic.  The Jedi Master knew all too well which side launched the first nuclear weapon...refusing to give the Empire the opportunity for a first strike.

However, at the moment Marcello's focus was on no planetary leader or government organization.  An orbital satellite that had been re-tasked to maintain watch on the abandoned Citadel was direct-feeding footage of an individual that had just overcome the entire on-site security contingent in practically no time at all.  The man did not appear to be a force user in the traditional sense...there was no lightsaber, no obvious display of force powers.  However, Marcello recognized heightened senses honing almost zealot-like combat efficiency when he saw it.  Someone had created a weapon...and that weapon, whether he knew it or not, had a very strong affinity for the Force.

It wasn't until Marcello caught a glimpse of silver-green eyes that the Jedi Master inhaled deeply.  He recalled the effect from only a handful of individuals within intelligence records.  A very specific family was rather easily identifiable to those that had interacted with them or been the victim of their work.  "Call off the support units.  I will deal with this alone."
Title: Re: New Path (Open)
Post by: Caid Centurion on 01/24/16 19:35:55
Azure Walk
Anaxes Citadel

Long, quick strides carried the operative quickly across the debris-littered terrain of the Azure Walk.  Though the immediate threat had been neutralized without terribly much effort, there was a greater sense - something emanating over the horizon that he could not yet see.  The young operative was not precisely sure what was happening on the planet, but he knew that his case officer would not make himself known if Caid was openly compromised.

That said, there was no intel on any splinter groups operating on Anaxes, or it would have certainly been available to him in a caution statement.  It wasn't as if he'd walked up to some purposeful, static security.  He had been outright ambushed, and they were skilled, professional.  The dark-skinned operative recognized the techniques.

After leaping over a large boulder, Caid bolted up the loading ramp to his vessel's interior.  In a manner of minutes, the repulsors fired and the shuttle began speeding off low towards the horizon.